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Metronomy – The Bay

If you dislike dismal or at least overrated seaside locales, there’s this: [Video][Website] [7.89] Sally O’Rourke: I’ve never been to Torbay, but I gather from “The Bay” that its designation as “the English Riviera” is viewed with some degree of irony. But the song’s soft rock falsetto and “This isn’t Paris/And this isn’t London” refrain […]

The Horrors – Still Life

If you like [insert British 80s group here], there’s also this: [Video][Website] [6.50] Katherine St Asaph: “Still Life” sounds like the product of stumbling out into 3 a.m. streetlights, app-grafting a beat onto whatever ambience you find there and pretending your scruffy, drink-doused voice has become Chris Martin’s. By 4 a.m., you’re still standing there, […]

The Good Natured – Skeleton

If you like [insert British electro singer songwriter type], then there’s also this! [Video][Website] [7.50] Brad Shoup: A classic example of CW rock: punchy, a little skittish, and British. Is the singer in erotic throes? Physically repulsed? Super sardonic? Figure it out before Alex Patsavas does![8] Katherine St Asaph: What is wrong with songwriters? Two-thirds of […]

Wild Flag – Romance

I get the funny feeling that every time we review this band, the picture’s gonna look roughly the same… [Video][Myspace] [6.33] Katherine St Asaph: A skeptic’s guide to loving Wild Flag: acquire this song, then immediately change the tags to “Unknown Artist – Romance – Unknown Album”. Wait until you’ve forgotten you’re following instructions. When […]

Lady Antebellum – Just a Kiss

Look at his face. Just look at his face… [Video][Website] [3.56] Anthony Easton: The harmonies when they talk about “tonight” are so sweet, genteel, and pretty that those two words have an exquisiteness that formally excuses any of the other pandering. [5] Brad Shoup: Wow. Now Lady A’s flinging themselves headfirst into predestination pop. I could see this […]

Down With Webster – She’s Dope

They’ve got a song called “Whoa Is Me”. Yeah… [Video][Myspace] [1.75] Jer Fairall: Dear Rest Of The World: I am so very, very sorry. Love, Canada.[1] Katherine St Asaph: Oh my god, 3OH!3 are spawning.[2] Edward Okulicz: It’s difficult to imagine how this song could be any worse. All the elements that make up the […]

Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett – Knee Deep

Nothing remotely this exciting happens in the song…

Loick Essien ft. Tanya Lacey – How We Roll

Featuring? Tucking away in a corner more like…

Jamie Woon – Shoulda

Nominated for the Nontroversy Index!