Black Cards – Take Me Down (Higher)

Dance, dance (music, music). [Video][Website] [5.71] Katherine St Asaph: This is Bebe Rexha’s game, not Pete’s, and it involves pulverizing Sleigh Bells’ “Crown on the Ground,” Marie Serneholt’s “That’s The Way My Heart Goes,” some air sirens and 16-bit plodding pilfered from the charts, and the contents of twelve helium tanks. It’s getting harder by the […]

Javiera Mena – Primera Estrella

Why does she have a sword? I don’t know. [Video][Website] [5.25] Brad Shoup: This one’s all pulse and very little heart. In between choruses the bass kinda jogs in place. The contrast of glum delivery and the lightly danceable backing makes me want nothing more than to put on an Erasure tune. [3] Andrew Casillas: […]

Brad Paisley ft. Carrie Underwood – Remind Me

Closing eyes != having chemistry or feelings [Video] [5.71] Alfred Soto: Remember the Tim McGraw-Faith Hill duet “I Need You,” in which the male partner confesses the physical details that makes his female partner so awesome while the girl signals an approval not half so specific? But damn if “Remind Me” almost works too. The […]

David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium

Strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant… do we mean the metal or Guetta’s hair? [Video] [5.60] Katherine St Asaph: The more permutations of bosh and vocalist spring from David Guetta’s shaggy robot skull, the less I’m convinced he knows how to showcase a guest. He gave Nicki Minaj an “Only Girl (in the World)” knockoff and made her […]

Adrianigual – Me Gusta La Noche

The “hipsters in Santiago” video is quite nice… [Video][Website] [6.57] Pete Baran: This is a bloke called Adrian Igual right? I like the funk, I like the Cubano licks but like much foreign language pop I don’t have a angle on the lyrics which means it’s less sticky in my head. And is that really […]

Dal*Shabet – Bling Bling

The Cuteocalypse is upon us! [Video][Website] [6.86] Edward Okulicz: I go through phases of interest with Asian pop music, but one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how thrilling their introductions are. “Bling Bling” bounces in promising to be nothing less than the loudest, fastest, most sense-destroying bit of ear-cocaine imaginable, and very […]

Jerrod Niemann – One More Drinkin’ Song

Just one more? Surely there’s always room for another…

Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself

In an alternate universe, E. E. “Doc” Smith’s Jek Lensman…

Olly Murs ft. Rizzle Kicks – Heart Skips A Beat

I didn’t try very hard to capture a flattering frame of the video, just cause, you know… [Video][Website] [4.00] Brad Shoup: Beware of tunes that make their lyrical conceit musical. The refrain’s sophisticated melody cries out for a resolution. Instead, we get skip-skip-skipping. Everything else is no great shakes. The most memorable instrumental bit is […]

Jason Derulo – The It Girl

Note: it’s not safe to love a Grammy. I mean look at the shape of it! [Video][Website] [5.29] Katherine St Asaph: I am fairly sure Jason Derulo’s girl does not have “it” but them.[3] Brad Shoup: His career is only two albums in, and I’m already looking back on it fondly. Derulo’s consistently brought a […]