Wale ft. Rick Ross & Jeremih – That Way

Wale, Rick Ross, and Jeremih: Neither Australian nor dancey… [Video][Website] [5.29] Zach Lyon: Wale is from the county I’ve been living in for a few years, so I’m obligated by local law to remind everyone that he was once (way back in ’07!) regarded as a rap savior, even before the Seinfeld thing. I remember […]

Cut Copy – Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution

It’s Australian dance music Friday! [Video][Website] [4.71] Katherine St Asaph: And also the song.[4] Jonathan Bogart: ’80s cod-tribalisms in the music and Planet of the Apes in the video? Really, dudes?[4] Alfred Soto: The cartoonish, all-vowels-all-the-time vocals are only part of the problem. Where once they could manage a couple of decent ’80s pastiches now […]

Kristina Maria ft. Laza Morgan – Co-Pilot

Glazed look not recommended for piloting or co-piloting. [Video][Website] [4.00] Jer Fairall: Anonymous dubstep meets anonymous lite reggae, from a Canadian singer with aspirations towards J. Lo’s merger of hip hop and Latin pop. I hope this isn’t what passes for world music these days.[3] Jonathan Bogart: “She first became interested in music after listening […]

Summer Camp – Better Off Without You

It seems they’ve at least picked a good band name… [Video][Website] [5.62] Jonathan Bogart: A Tumblr-ready mélange of forced nostalgia, filtered photography, self-regarding winsomeness, and Real “if you’re one of the 8% who still listen to click Like” Music. And if I were in even a slightly less contrary mood, I’d be crushing right along […]

Ben Folds Five – House

The Internet told me that this is a picture of Ben Folds’ house. Website] [5.00] Edward Okulicz: Robert Sledge’s bass on “House” is unmistakeably an ingredient Folds has long missed since he went solo; clear and melodic yet fuzzed up, it was the secret weapon on the first two BFF records. Good to have it […]

George Strait – Here For A Good Time

No country for old men? Lol. [Video][Website] [6.67] Alfred Soto: So sure he’ll never approach Garth Brooks’ sales figures, George Strait is nevertheless comfortable as hell; the sheer ubiquity of this man on the country charts (look at his stats) will shock pop audiences who have never rewarded him with a crossover hit as big […]

Blake Shelton – God Gave Me You

I’m sorry I hung out with those sinners on The Voice, Lord! [Video][Website] [5.20] Anthony Easton: The most explicitly religious song that Shelton has ever done doesn’t discuss the divine as an unknowable or interventionist god that is horribly generalized. The small details, and the explicit brokenness that begins the song, suggests a narrative of close relational power. […]

Sunny Sweeney – Drink Myself Single

Hey, did anyone ever tell you you look like…? [Video][Website] [5.00] Katherine St Asaph: I don’t remember much country of late being this bluesy in sound or lyrics, except possibly the Pistol Annies. Unfortunately, Sweeney doesn’t seem to know; I’d love to believe her character doesn’t realize how miserable she is, but I think it’s […]

Joe Jonas – Just in Love

It’s the cute one! No, wait, the quiet one! The funny one?

Sak Noel – Loca People (What The Fuck)

Rocking clubs all over the European continent…