Brad Paisley – Camouflage

Maybe Brad would be interested in a button. down. camo? [Video][Website] [5.86] Brad Shoup: I’ve been scanning various country-music blogs, and sentiment seems to be running 70/30 against this song in particular, and his last few albums as a whole. Guess that’s what happens when rock critics start digging you. As for me, this hits […]

Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse

That DJ costume is probably better after a few tabs of E, anyway. [Video][Website] [5.43] Anthony Easton: This guy is selling out the Air Canada Center, and though I kind of love him, I have no idea why?  I mean I like this well enough–propulsive, atmospheric, sets into a grove but doesn’t quite stay there, quite […]

Patrick Wolf – Together

Maybe we will stop stanning next album? [Video][Website] [7.88] Iain Mew: “Together” combines Patrick’s maximalist romanticism and a deep disco pulse to incredible results. The message feels entirely natural but is uncommonly refreshing – not “I can’t go on without you” but “I can go on without you but it would be a bit rubbish, […]

Gloriana – (Kissed You) Good Night

There used to be four of them. Guess which one we liked… [Video][Website] [3.67] Anthony Easton: They don’t kiss, and then they do kiss, and it should be this climax of sexual longing (well, kissing rarely is, but it is a country band who loves Jesus, so you take what you can get.) But there […]

2PM – Ultra Lover

Korean boy band sings Japanese song, world fails to end.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Is she the first Canadian Idol alum on the Jukebox?

Javier Colon ft. Natasha Bedingfield – As Long As We Got Love

“The Voice” one-ups the FOX/”Idol” single machine with… TashBed? [Video][Website] [2.71] Jer Fairall: A surprisingly non-ostentatious voice for someone who won something called The Voice, more of a flavourless Bruno Mars than a Daughtry-style post-grunge belter or a country sap in the Scotty McCreery mode. But if this wispy nothing of a single is meant […]

Beyoncé ft. J Cole – Party

In which Alfred and Brad unintentionally ruin an appropriate score… [Video][Website] [4.29] Jer Fairall: “If this party gets any more fun, a funeral’s gonna break out.” #rodneydangerfield[4] Zach Lyon: Oh, so this is that song that makes me rush to switch the station every time I hear “drippin’ Swagu.” [4] Katherine St Asaph: A series […]

Florence + The Machine – No Light, No Light

Fair to say, Aura Dione got off pretty lightly in the “you racist!” stakes. [Video][Website] [4.88] Brad Shoup: Once again, Florence + The Machine are unable to resist the dark spell of maximalism. Primitive drumming evolves into a civilizing force of organ, chorus, and harp. This isn’t to say that they’re uppity, it’s just fairer […]

We’re having a competition.

The headline does not lie! We are having a competition! The winner of this competition will score a copy of the latest Da Capo Best Music Writing and a US$50 (or equivalent) Amazon gift card. You can read some great music writing and then purchase some great music — or, if you prefer, movies, Kindle […]