Dot Rotten – Are You Not Entertained

“We will be,” chirruped a voice from the audience, “soon as you do something entertaining.” [Video][Website] [4.67] Kat Stevens: Angry man and dated-sounding backing! We’re talking early-noughties Prodigy here and no-one wants that. Dot doesn’t sound like he’s having much fun either, unlike on It’s Over (ft Wiley’s Mum) (“you ain’t got no gun/you’re the […]

Josh Turner – Time Is Love

So by the transitive property, love is money?

Emeli Sandé – Next to Me

Next to her.. some kind of light source?

Leonard Cohen – Show Me the Place

Not about to go away, damn it… [Video][Website] [6.89] Jer Fairall: It is as exquisitely executed as it is wholly expected, the sound of an old master addressing spirituality and mortality from his own unique and privileged vantage point. The words avoid blasphemy simply by being so gracefully crafted and delivered; could any other performer […]

Redlight – Get Out My Head

Not about the Day of the Dead… [Video][Website] [6.40] John Seroff: Possibly the only good thing about the current Guettaization of pop is that bare-bones SNAP! throwbacks shine that much brighter in comparison. “Get Out My Head” is far from groundbreaking, but it does what much good dance music does: it supplants the critical urge […]

Cover Drive – Twilight

Not about sullen vampires… [Video][Website] [3.36] Edward Okulicz: A bright pastiche of 2011-era pop’s awkward rainbow, this has been focus-grouped, mixed and remixed to within an inch of its life for radio. But there are two kinds of radio hits; the first bounds out of the speakers and makes you move, brightens your day, encourages […]

Mystikal ft. Birdman and Lil Wayne – Original

Welcome to Cash Money, Mr. Mystikal. For your first task, you must do a single with Birdman… [Video][Myspace] [5.00] Edward Okulicz: I was down with the sweetly grainy, whiney backing. I was down with Mystikal getting his Cookie Monster on like “Shake Ya Ass” was only yesterday (and man, “Shake Ya Ass” could totally have […]

Enter Shikari – Arguing With Thermometers

The thing about youth culture is, I don’t understand it… [Video][Website] [4.30] Josh Langhoff: So are these guys like the British System of a Down, or what?[6] Brad Shoup: As content-light as the pop and indie-rock music their fans surely disdain. At least hardcore kept finding ways to make Reagan-baiting funny — or, rather, they […]

Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe

We prefer our Nicki undiluted… [Video][Website] [6.62] Kat Stevens: D:[10] Michaela Drapes: Nicki Minaj accurately portrays that moment that I fully believe happens at some point in every woman’s life, that moment that you really just want to get in some chick’s face and scream “YOU A STUPID HOE!” while having a dayglo-sick seizure of […]

David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj – Turn Me On

Nothing like a double shot of Nicki to start your Friday morning… [Video][Website] [4.22] Alfred Soto: Not with that shouting and choice of producer. [1] Iain Mew: Strongly disguising Nicki Minaj for all but fifteen seconds at the end of your uninspired dance pop does at least make those fifteen seconds sound really exciting by […]