Alina Devecerski – Flytta På Dej

The Internet says it means, roughly, “move your ass.” [Video][Website] [6.75] Iain Mew: This song has no real chorus to speak of, periodically hops in and out of sounding like La Roux, and has almost no melodic elements that I can actually remember when it’s done. I haven’t made sense of it at all, but […]

Netsky – Love Has Gone

Now the monumental question: [nεt∙skαı] or [nεt∙ski]?

Madonna – Turn Up the Radio

Nice Instagram filters, Madge…

Wonder Girls ft. Akon – Like Money

Congratulations, Patrick! You win the day’s contrarian medal! Your prize is a Wonder Girls metaphor. [Video][Website] [3.88] Andy Hutchins: When K-pop lops off the glorious weirdness that makes most batshit K-pop great and trades it in for the cheap sentimentality of love equaling material gains, then adds Akon phoning in a six-digit feature (so named […]

Angel Haze – New York

In which the Jukebox declines to kill the hype… [Video][Website] [7.11] Patrick St. Michel: Gil Scott-Heron’s lonely beat from “New York Is Killing Me” gets repurposed as a minimal backdrop for Angel Haze to declare her rap-game supremacy while threatening to tie a bungee cord around your neck and kick you off a ledge. The […]

Green Day – Oh Love

Close your eyes, spread your arms wide and concentrate, and feel the distant wrath of Green Day fans… [Video][Website] [2.88] Edward Okulicz: If 21st Century Breakdown was Green Day’s attempt to recapture the success and scope of the wildly overrated American Idiot, this points to a reversion to the excellent and unsung Warning, only with […]

Gwen Sebastian – Met Him in a Motel Room

Not quite what it sounds like… [Video][Website] [6.14] Anthony Easton: The question of congregationalism and personal relationships to Jesus have been flummoxing American protestants since Jonathan Edwards, and this Jesus save me song, does not really begin to solve them. What I love about it, is that it has all of the sleazy details–the suicide, the blinking light, […]

FAMA – Companion

Hong Kong hip-hop. 你識唔識聽廣東話? [Video][Website] [4.83] Jonathan Bogart: The thin knockoff of the “Float On” guitar sample that underpins this Hong Kong hip-hop song is a pretty good metonym for the song as a whole: the best things about it are borrowed from either US or Korean originals. C-Kwan and 6-Wing are perfectly fine rappers […]

Psy – Gangnam Style

Gangnam style = dancing with horses? [Video][Website] [5.25] Patrick St. Michel: Right now, I can look up the most popular songs in Japan or Korea and then find several English translations of said track floating around online. Entire internet sub-cultures exist around the shared idea of translating foreign song lyrics into their native tongue and […]

Richard Hawley – Down in the Woods

First time we’ve covered him since 2009… we liked him better then… [Video][Website] [4.50] Iain Mew: I’ve never got into Richard Hawley before, but I love a couple of songs on his new album (“Standing at the Sky’s Edge” and “Seek It” and “Before”), which are rich with wit and mystery and some awesome guitar […]