Deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers

It’s not OK. We promise… [Video][Website] [4.00] Patrick St. Michel: So is Gerard Way trying to sell me a comic book about psychic teenagers? And why is he shouting at me?[2] Alfred Soto: Don’t let the four-on-the-floor beat fool you: this is neither dance nor electronic music but a My Chemical Romance plaint shouted and […]

Flying Lotus ft. Erykah Badu – See Thru to U

And what do we think of gestures toward jazz…? [Video][Website] [5.00] Will Adams: Oooooooh, preeeeeeetty.[5] Patrick St. Michel: Flying Lotus puts aside the glitchy electronics in favor of more jazz-leaning sounds, while Erykah Badu contributes vocals.  It’s a combination that sounds nice, but the two artists behind “See Thru To U” don’t know what to […]

Groove Armada ft. Slarta John – Pull Up

This is also a stock photo called “Britishes”… [Video][Website] [4.67] Jonathan Bogart: Thank God for old-fashioned electronic craftsmen who wouldn’t know a dubstep drop if it bit them on the ass.[7] Anthony Easton: That sonorous underpinning — more industrial than musical — that grounds the track starting at around 2:19 is really interesting; I want […]

Driicky Graham – Snapbacks and Tattoos

Yes, we will be covering “Hot Cheetos and Takis” soon… [Video][Website] [5.17] Brad Shoup: The vocal clip is so Polow, but credit goes to Yung Berg and FutureProducers forum vet Arch Tha Boss. They bang out a steady bob for Driicky to rent out, and befitting a producer who knows he’s about to blow, Arch […]

Tim McGraw – Truck Yeah

I’ll never hear “Keep On Truckin’” the same way again… [Video][Website] [3.12] Brad Shoup: Country finally throws its hands up and says, “Fuck it, just listen to Rebirth“.[5] Patrick St. Michel: I grew up in a town that was definitely hillbilly proud, where owning a truck was less a consumer choice and more of an […]

3OH!3 – You’re Gonna Love This

Yes, they really are asking for it. [Video][Website] [2.25] Mallory O’Donnell: You’re gonna love genital warts![1] Jonathan Bogart: Right sentiment, wrong tense.[4] Will Adams: It doesn’t feel right giving “You’re Gonna Love This” a low score just because it has an asking-for-it title. That doesn’t matter, though, when sub-Black Eyed Peas rapping, hokey pitch-shifted vocals, […]

Jhené Aiko – 3:16am

See? We can stand Fucking Drake and The Weeknd when The Other Side can speak. [Video][Website] [6.78] Mallory O’Donnell: Kind of a “Me & U” for the current substance abuse and self-analysis set. The track itself, absurdly minimal, is like “The Rain” reduced to a radar ping, while Jhené’s pliant but frustratingly childlike vocal narrows […]

Aimee Mann – Charmer

Hush hush keep it down now — NPR carries. [Video][Website] [5.50] Jonathan Bogart: For almost three decades now, Aimee Mann has made pleasant, well-kempt middle-aged music for pleasant, well-kempt middle-aged people. She’s finally aged into the role.[5] Anthony Easton: You know between the Portlandia appearances and the videos, one would think that Mann would have a sense of humour, […]

Luan Santana – Te Vivo

With hand gestures that show how much he Means It, Girl…

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

With the most pointlessly Poltergeisty video this week…