Boody & Le1f – Soda

Bubble, bubble, pop, pop… [Video][Website] [6.62] Patrick St. Michel: Turns out a carbonated “Beez In The Trap” is pretty awesome.  [8] Alex Ostroff: Appropriately for a collaborative EP, Le1f’s vocals on “Soda” share top billing with Boody’s production, which veers from drum’n’bass frenetic to “Beez in the Trap” sparse: cans opening and bubbles popping left […] ft. Britney Spears – Scream & Shout

It’s cash-in, bitch…. [Video][Website] [3.27] Katherine St Asaph: Behold: the collaboration hyped because bloggers conveniently forgot that the #willpower singles and “Big Fat Bass” both suck! The track is “The Time (Dirty Bit)” minus Dirty Dancing and any residual dirty bits. Instead, we have Britney, alternating between sounding like Lady Gaga mocking herself and like a soundboard loaded with Meme Britney(, […]

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra – Do It With a Rockstar

Somewhere, an actor is adding the role of “hipster in an Amanda Palmer video” to her resume… [Video][Website] [4.00] Ian Mathers: The album title is annoying. The politics around the album are annoying. Her touring is annoying. Her self-righteous justifications are annoying. The lyrics to this song are annoying. The structure of this song is […]

Netsky ft. Billie – We Can Only Live Today (Puppy)

She’s no Kylie or Cheryl, but I do feel offended on Ms. Piper’s behalf… [Video][Website] [4.75] Iain Mew: Not that Billie, no. This one adds a kind of faded Paloma Faith drama to Netsky’s bleeps, which in reaching for the ecstatic don’t manage to make the moment sound vital any more than Billie does.[4] Alfred […]

Mike Delinquent Project ft. Lady Leshurr – Step in the Dance

Who’s Mike Delinquent?… [Video][Website] [6.88] Alex Ostroff: Since Lady Leshurr first caught my attention with her flip of “Look At Me Now“, her mixtapes, freestyles and guest spot on Lea-Anna’s “Murder (1st Degree Remix)” have consistently wowed. Still, I’ve been waiting for a star-making turn that isn’t just a couple bars on someone else’s track or a […]

Trace Adkins – Tough People Do

Sadly, not about the hairstyles of blue collar America… [Video][Website] [4.00] Anthony Easton: I like these kinds of country songs about communities pulling together to approach an ongoing problem, and it’s good they’re finally acknowledging the recession is happening (five years after it started). Some of the details, including the line about selling the car, […]

Das Racist – Girl

And now, some small-w “wallpaper.” [Video][Website] [5.00] Edward Okulicz: Perfectly adequate electro-pop fodder underpins a song that’s not sure if it’s deliberately understated, serious or a comic exaggeration of the slight lameness of its sonic cousins. I’m guessing that it’s half-hearted, because Das Racist aren’t distinctly talented enough to pull off a woozy electro-loverman pop […]

Whitehorse – Devil’s Got a Gun

And his aim is lousy by the sound of it… [Video][Website] [7.17] Anthony Easton: That riff is almost as apocalyptic as the lyrics deserve, and the vocals flirting with speaking, or being flat, put emphasis on the words themselves: cryptic, difficult, and haunting. [9] Edward Okulicz: It’s late November, so it’s not too early to crown […]

McFly – Love is Easy

I dunno, I got used to seeing them less clothed than this. [Video][Website] [3.00] Anthony Easton: The “dododo”s are so simple it might be lazy, and the whistles add to the saccharine quality. I should hate this, or seek it out as a genre exercise — can you imagine Stephin Merritt doing it? — or appreciate it ironically. […]

Rudimental ft. Alex Clare & John Newman – Not Giving In

Three whole integers in a day! Hooray math! (Also, hurrah maths!) [Video][Website] [5.00] Anthony Easton: It makes sense that the only virtue of a song called “Not Giving In” is its relentlessness. Too bad that it refuses to use that relentlessness for anything interesting. [2] Iain Mew: The last time we reviewed Rudimental and John Newman […]