The Strokes – All the Time

Is this Schlitz? [Video][Website] [4.83] Alfred Soto: With the rhythm guitars still ching-ching-chinging, Albert Hammond Jr. still learning Elliot Easton riffs, and Julian confusing a slur with a melody, the title is prayer and lament: had they livers enough and time this terrific minor band would have kept reminding us how and why their cultural […]

Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart

I said everybody… [Video][Website] [7.50] Patrick St. Michel: A break-up song that brings out some mother issues that also acts as a snapshot of an emotional breakthrough, complete with some great lines sprinkled about (“sometimes revenge is a choice you gotta make”). What makes it even better is how much fun Lambert makes this, especially […]

Bajofondo – Pide Piso

It’s Friday! Everybody drink! [Video][Website] [7.00]Will Adams: Electro tango, but with some disco thrown in, as well as a gorgeous string fake-outro that plunges you back into the beats. It’s pretty exquisite. I want to structure a whole party playlist around this sound. [9] Jonathan Bogart: I’m never going to not enjoy tango-based dance music […]

Earl Sweatshirt ft. Tyler, the Creator – Whoa

The prodigy returns or something… [Video][Website] [7.00] Brad Shoup: Earl’s skill, like Ghostface’s and DOOM’s, isn’t in wordplay per se, it’s in elision: paring the linking words, trusting the images to land like lasers in exhaust ports. It’s like an Aesop Rock track you can actually listen to with people. Non sequiturs, buried allusions, describing […]

She & Him – Never Wanted Your Love

That’s not Jake Johnson…? [Video][Website] [4.88] Patrick St. Michel: “I’m tired of being clever/everyone’s clever these days.” This song begs to differ. [2] Alfred Soto: Deschanel’s thick-as-syrup voice needs no echo or girl group backdrop to remind us that she (and him) can offer their mysterious audience little beyond novelty. Joseph Gordon-Levitt wouldn’t listen either.[3] […]

Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap – Telemiscommunications

The collaboration you didn’t know you were anticipating and you still might not be anticipating now, I don’t know… [Video][Website] [6.70] Iain Mew: When I was a teenager my family had the internet, but for a long time it was only on one shared computer with a dial-up connection which was slow, unreliable and had […]

Big Freedia – Feelin’ Myself

TWO FOR TWO! [Video][Website] [6.71] Edward Okulicz: TSJ has a target to cover more Big Freedia songs than songs by Drake. It’s symbolic, arbitrarily picking an interesting artist just on the periphery of what gets critical play over a boring artist who’s everywhere. “Feelin’ Myself” is itself a good entry point to an artist who […]

Lee Hi – It’s Over

It’s the 40 Hottest Bears in Tech! [Video][Website] [5.00] Sonya Nicholson: Funnily enough, Lee Hi – Survival Audition Kpop Star second-place finalist, bringer of Adele to Korea – is the same age as these two middle school girls.  Her debut EP is actually really solid, but her company unfortunately picked the most blandly upbeat song […]

Agnetha Fältskog – When You Really Loved Someone

A Diane Warren ballad, where “Diane Warren” is a genre, not a person. [Video][Website] [4.73] Scott Mildenhall: The BBC have really missed a trick with this one. If they were looking for a blonde, female singer in her early sixties who has experienced considerable success around the world for their 2013 Eurovision entrant, then, well, […]

Randy Houser – Runnin’ Outta Moonlight

HOUSER NOT A HOMER [Video][Website] [5.10] Anthony Easton: 20 Other Places That Country Couples Can Fuck That Is Not the Back of a Pickup Truck (Because We Have Done That): 1) the crick, 2) the creek, 3) the muddin’ hole, 4) the duck blind, 5) the deer blind, 6) the changing room at the Bass […]