Kip Moore – Hey Pretty Girl

I think he’s talking to you… [Video][Website] [4.88] Edward Okulicz: Nice guitars and the melody is almost sing-song lovely, but something about the combination of the song and its delivery makes the courtly seem creepy.[5] Katherine St Asaph: Kelly, for all her over-tenseness, sounded like her song had a distinct person in mind. The girl […]

Neko Case – Man

…I feel like a woman. [Video][Website] [6.14] Brad Shoup: “And if I’m dipshit drunk on the pink perfume/Then I am the man in the fucking moon.” Case’s narrator is a big ol’ sack, to be sure, but he sure makes with the pretty words. Contrast that scent-memory to Jeremih’s in “5 Senses”: “Girl, you smell […]

Kelly Clarkson – Tie It Up

Maybe we’ll try the “forever hold our peace” option some other day… [Video] [5.50] Crystal Leww: Kelly Clarkson is doing country-inspired pop music? The knee-jerk reaction is to thank Taylor Swift, but there’s a better case for the continued dominance of Miranda Lambert in country and the popularity of the television show Nashville. Unfortunately for […]

Angel Haze – No Bueno

We wouldn’t go quite that far.. maybe “no perfecto”. [Video][Website] [5.50] Anthony Easton: The unrelenting ego of this leads to Kanye levels of self-sanctification, and it does not have the same wit to justify it. But it has an inflated production, a global, all-absorbing push… it refuses to justify itself; all of those choirs and […]

Sistar – Give it to Me

DISCO STRINGS! [Video][Website] [6.50] Katherine St Asaph: If you told me this was Mya, trying to crack the K-pop market after her last two albums only sold in Japan, I wouldn’t question you. If only because this sounds so much like a Fear of Flying offcut. A great one.[8] Will Adams: Could someone give me […]

Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko)

I was this close to Photoshopping the picture and tagging it “Handlebar (Moustache)” [Video][Website] [6.71] Anthony Easton: I know this is supposed to be space disco, but it’s not weird or expansive enough to be. I’m not even sure it has the right beat structure to be disco. It’s not pleasurable. A formal exercise, a desire […]

Stylo G – Soundbwoy

As you can see, today’s themes is abbreviations. [Video][Website] [5.17] Anthony Easton: Anglo-Jamaican toasting, done with an elegant respect for form, and — no matter how much the introduction says it — with very little distortion. [6] Patrick St. Michel: Neither memorable reggae or brostep, this is the equivalent of getting to your dorm room the first week […]

CSS – Hangover

CANSEI DE SER SAVVY!!! [Video][Website] [5.75] Anthony Easton: The squelchy beats, the solid beat, and how the vocals work a kind of bored desire all seem rave by numbers, and the lyrics are terrible , but a hint of horn, and the perfect detail in the line “I don’t want to be your sour cherry” make the […]

M.I.A. – Bring the Noize

You certainly can’t get her for false advertising with this one. [Video][Website] [6.33] Alfred Soto: We’ve heard a lot more K-Pop since 2010, and M.I.A.’s latest can’t help but sound leaden in the funny noise and programmed beats department. The last forty-five seconds – Maya going spacey over tabla and lots of space – suggest […]

Webbie – What I Do

We believe you Webbie, you don’t have to convince us. [Video][Website] [4.43] Jonathan Bradley: Deep South mainstay Trill Entertainment has seen better days. After the label made itself ground zero of one of the most vibrant rap scenes in the country in the mid to late ’00s, up-and-comer Lil Phat was murdered; Mouse on tha […]