Tyga ft. Young Thug – Hookah

Also known as a waterpipe, narghile, arghila, qalyān, or shisha, for any rappers looking for remix ideas…

Giorgio Moroder – Giorgio’s Theme

Giorgio starts every show by checking for the latest Singles Jukebox update…

Jack White – Lazaretto

Why can’t we be nicer to him?

Jetta – Crescendo

*resist joke*

Jessie Ware – Tough Love

The title refers to our treatment of her latest single, of course.

Ella Henderson – Ghost


Monarchy – Living Without You

Today’s posts were brought to you by the letter “You.”

Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant – I Try to Talk to You

Too sad for snark…

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

What’s that song called again?

Passepied – Tokyo City Underground

We do tend not to cover many wolf-masked Limp Bizkits…