That’s all (for now)!

And with that, Amnesty Week comes to a close. The Singles Jukebox will be on hiatus from now until the new year, so we can officially crown our 2014 champion, Sofi de la Torre:   (Yes, our crowns are Santa hats.) Thank you to all of our readers, commenters, rebloggers, and general supporters of the […]

E-Girls – Highschool Love

…and our last song of 2014. Happy holidays!

Shura – Touch

Courtesy of Josh W.

Christine and the Queens – Saint Claude

Thank you, Will.

Tink ft. Jeremih – Don’t Tell Nobody

And this number’s recommended by Crystal.

Marcus Wiebusch – Der Tag Wird Kommen

If you need some context for Scott’s rock-fueled pick, perhaps direct yourself to the (subtitled!) music video…

ZelooperZ – Plateau

From Megan, a Detroit rapper with the perfect reaction to our varied scores…

Deadmau5 ft. Colleen D’Agostino – Seeya

Will’s pick is also dance music from Canada, albeit with a less ambitious agenda…

A Tribe Called Red – Burn Your Village to the Ground

Suggested by Anthony: EDM… with a mission.

Bullet & Snowfox – The Heart

And Katherine brings us an L.A. pop-rock band and a short autobiography, maybe…