Jeremih ft. Stefflon Don & Krept and Konan – London

Na na na na, hey hey hey…

Maggie Rogers – Dog Years

No, that does not mean you can count your score as [43.00]…

Jax Jones ft. RAYE – You Don’t Know Me

And doooooon’t tell me what to do, and… wait, wrong song…

The Chainsmokers – Paris

Merci de ne pas fumer…

Syd – All About Me

Alone for the first time…

NSG – Eyelashes

The future sound of London?

Candi Carpenter – Burn the Bed

I like that we like songs like this.

Blake Shelton – A Guy With A Girl

Needed a pizza place.

JP Cooper – September Song

Oh hey, it’s the guy who jumped out of a plane with a bunch of stolen money in the 70s.

S.E.S. – Paradise

Hey guys, do you like THE NINETIES?