Olexesh ft. Edin – Magisch

More popular with German Spotify than Fucking Drake! With us…

Logic ft. Marshmello – Everyday

White goes first…

Ravyn Lenae – Sticky

It’s spring, which means it’s time for us to like stuff again!

Muse – Thought Contagion

As with genetics, particularly under a Dawkinsian interpretation, a meme’s success may be due to its contribution to the effectiveness of its host.

Nicky Jam x J Balvin – X

Will J Balvin continue his streak of being covered on Tuesday for a third consecutive week??? (Spoiler: no)

Natalie Prass – Short Court Style

Our sidebar continues to fill out…

Portugal. The Man – Live in the Moment

In which we Feel Meh, Still…

Ashley Monroe – Hands on You

And here’s that mid-range [7] we’ve been looking for…

Meghan Patrick – Country Music Made Me Do It

If country music told you to jump off a bridge, would you do that too?

AKB48 – Ja-Ba-Ja

As the video helpfully reminds us, this is their 51st single…