Tirzah – Gladly

If only it had scored .14 higher Tirzah would have been eligible for an upgrade to “Gleefully.”

Jason Aldean ft. Miranda Lambert – Drowns the Whiskey

Fun fact: your editor is drunk right now.

Bryce Vine – Drew Barrymore

Actually not his real name, so I’m holding out hopes he changes it to Bryce Snapchat.

Dead Sara – Unamerican

About as hard to follow up Mitski as it is to write a protest song everyone likes…

John Mayer – New Light

Hard to follow up Mitski, isn’t it?

Mitski – Geyser

Critically acclaimed artist becomes even more acclaimed…

M-22 ft. Medina – First Time

Looking for your first time on the Jukebox to be a largely “meh” affair? Uh, not sure why you’d want that but go ahead I guess and emulate Calvin Harris…

Róisín Murphy – All My Dreams

Looking to get a high score at all? Simple! Just be Róisín Murphy…

Nicki Minaj – Chun-Li

Looking to earn your highest score as a lead artist since 2015? Simple! Just name your next song after a Street Fighter character and watch the points pile up…

Arctic Monkeys – Four out of Five

Wishful thinking! Try [5.60] out of ten…