Monday, March 17th, 2014

Happy Birthday, Us!

This week, The Singles Jukebox turns 5 as a stand-alone entity. If we were a person, we’d be celebrating by getting some awesome presents from our parents (is there anywhere you can buy a Taylor Swift lunch box from? That’d totally make all our classmates jealous). But we’re a simple website, so you get the presents. Well, one of you gets a present.

We love our own opinions, after all, that’s why we built a shrine to them. But we love yours too and we crave more, more, more!. So for the next three weeks, we’re having a comment competition! The best comment on any entry posted this year will win a $30 iTunes voucher, or equivalent. The comment has to be on here, not on Tumblr. We’ll identify the winner either by the email they used to register the comment, or if that fails, the IP address it came from. We’re smarter than we look, sometimes.

The competition closes at 11.59pm Sunday April 6, U.S. Eastern time. So think long and hard, put fingers to keyboard and write us your best jokes, your best disagreements, your best reviews, and your best bits of lyrical, musical, chart-related or statistical analysis. Keep it clever, keep it relevant to the entry you’re posting it on and keep it civil.

UPDATE: Just in case anyone wants to respond to our Frankie Knuckles piece, the deadline has been extended by 48 hours.

FURTHER UPDATE: Entries now closed.

One Response to “Happy Birthday, Us!”

  1. Just want to say, since I can’t comment on the actual post, that the Jukebox on Katie Melua’s “The Flood” is my favourite review of Noah.