Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Dirty Danger – ‘Ard Bodied

His Myspace doesn’t seem to be aware of it, but this is a thing…


Chuck Eddy: ‘Ard and ‘ypnotic at the same time. No idea what the ‘eck ‘e’s going on about. But what the ‘ell.

Anthony Miccio: ‘Ip-‘op ‘ardman preening over relentless teutonic burps both vocal and synthetic. It’s been a while since I heard a tough guy demand we admire his biceps and triceps over disco, yelping “HIYEE!” as he gets in the mix.

Michaelangelo Matos: This would have been a 7 just for “Check out my triceps/Your girl wants to try sex” alone, but this guy sounds like he’s enjoying himself so much by the time he hits the “trailers/tailors/made us/ravers” bit I went from liking to rooting for him.

Martin Skidmore: I know nothing about him (Wiki asked “did you mean dirty diaper?”), but I really like this — the repeated “‘ard” sample is catchy and somehow never gets annoying, he raps with the same kind of boyish, amusing brio as early Dizzee, but with added breathless gasping, and the music is muscular and pumping — one of the best grime singles I’ve heard in ages, and the best new grime talent I’ve heard in a couple of years.

Andrew Unterberger: Not that I’m particularly qualified to comment on the state of grime in the year 2009, but I’ll say that I’m thankful at least that the beat actually sounds legitimately grimey. And hooks that just contain one word being repeated monotonously in the background — deceptively awesome stuff.

Ian Mathers: I know “A Milli,” sir, and you are no “A Milli.”

Hillary Brown: God, it’s like being trapped in a parking garage, desperately trying to find your way out and blocked at every turn, hearing your noises of irritation bounce off the concrete walls.

Alfred Soto: Not worth a second listen, but if Dizzee Rascal wants that American breakthrough he could do worse than use Dirty as his Method Man.

Alex Macpherson: It’d be too simplistic to say that the recent spread of electro influences into grime has been a shot in the arm for the genre: for every triumphant Wiley or Shystie, there’s an embarrassingly cheesy Tinchy Stryder or uninspired Mz Bratt. It’s certainly brought some hitherto overlooked MCs out of the woodwork, though. Here, Dirty Danger — formerly better known for his production work — delivers some no-nonsense come-ons over no-nonsense bass; biceps and triceps are all very well, but he may want to rethink the Mugabe comparisons.

8 Responses to “Dirty Danger – ‘Ard Bodied”

  1. I would just like to thank this track for being no “A Milli.”

  2. Yeah, is it just me, or is it starting to become a platitude to assume that every rap/r&b/grime song that uses repetition (which Lil Wayne hardly invented) is now an “A Milli” ripoff? (And even if some of them are, ripping off a song doesn’t preclude improving on it.)

  3. I thought long and hard about whether the comparison was warranted or not (and I was surprised to see Al make a similar comparison with “Break Up,” which is VERY different I think), but ultimately this is the song I’ve heard since hearing “A Milli” that reminded me the most of it. It’s not just repetition – it’s the near-constant repetition and lack of anything approaching a decent chorus and having the rapper constantly referring back to/playing with the word/phrase being repeated. The latter isn’t a bad quality, but in the case of both this and “A Milli” the result isn’t anything to write home about.

  4. if they’re so similar and neither is anything to write home about then why is this no “a milli”

  5. This doesn’t even remotely sound like A Milli, wtf? Is it just the repeated vocal sample? In which case you might want to compare it to literally hundreds of house and garage records over the years instead. It’s certainly more influenced by them.

    This is terrific, by the way.

  6. Because, Anthony, “A Milli” is at least a 5.

  7. At least!

  8. So when is it gonna be available to buy??
    Need this in my life!

    Ha ha.