Monday, April 7th, 2014

Orange Caramel – Catallena

Let’s listen to some disco while your editor mulls over the prospect of caramel nigiri…


Madeleine Lee: Vaguely Italian title, Punjabi sample, Korean sense of humour, costumes informed by their last jaunt to Japan (both in concept and in spirit), American disco strings, and pummelling drums. It’s not a culture clash if all parties involved sound equally stoked that the others are there.

Alfred Soto: Step right up, disco sounds: four on the floor beat, lasers, manic harmonies, sequencers, strings, chic guitar. So obvious that it shouldn’t fool anyone. So surefire that it does.

Iain Mew: “Catallena” is a smooth bit of magpie disco that has bits around its edges that suggest it could go to different, better places but never carries through on it. The shout and response bits are very Japanese idol, but success in Japan is a ship that’s already sailed so it’s there for domestic distinctiveness, and doesn’t add much beyond that. The “do do do” vocals seesawing against the strings are an unusual touch, but another sideshow. Meanwhile, the video being banned by one network for “[making] light of human life” is a great enough description that I hope it isn’t just a blog mistranslation, but the song is too competently straightforward to take on any of its darkness.

Patrick St. Michel: In which Orange Caramel dive deeper into the Euro-disco sound they explored on past singles, coming up with a catchy all-in number. It’s a little too replica in the end — although those syllable bursts are great, and the translated lyrics read interesting — but does enough to worm itself into your head. 

Cédric Le Merrer: By the numbers disco banking on cuteness/silliness to win us over but doing so with a lot less success than its accompanying video.

David Sheffieck: The verses are a little empty, but in the undeniable, thrilling chorus, this does a brilliant job of emulating the best disco’s understanding that strings should be just as propulsive as the rhythm section.

Brad Shoup: The chanted part could’ve appeared on one of those hoary S-A-W productions, or maybe a Girls At Our Best! single. The disco lasers, though, have been out for far too long, and burned the whole place down.

Katherine St Asaph: Why, they’re up all night to get [chirpy/sushi/Punjabi]! Hyperdisco best experienced in 16-bar blasts.

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4 Responses to “Orange Caramel – Catallena”

  1. This was great! Definite 7. Nicely blurbed everyone.

  2. I want the name of my autobiography to be “We’re Up All Night to Get Sushi”.

  3. Also, looking at this now I wish I’d linked to the song that this samples, so here.

  4. No one else wanted to point out that this song is about (girl-on-girl) cunnilingus? I guess that’s why I should contribute more to TSJ.