Friday, July 24th, 2009

Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job

Can’t quite figure out how to pronounce his name – presumably this is Texas’ revenge on us for Worcestershire…


Ian Mathers: No-one who actually follows MMA is going to use the line “trunk hit hard like Kimbo Slice,” and, while I’m not up on Southern car decorating trends, much of “Ice Cream Paint Job” feels similarly slapdash.

Martin Skidmore: The hook, despite being mildly incomprehensible, is distinctly catchy. I’d have liked a bit more muscle in the bleepy production, and something more interesting in the lyric, but I was soon joining in one the chorus.

Alex Wisgard: Remember that Louis Theroux documentary where he tries to immerse himself in hip hop culture, spitting on the radio about the joys of his Fiat (“You really have to see it!”)? Now imagine Will Smith was idly cruising through various radio stations, chanced upon Theroux’s freestyle and decided to use it as the basis for the b-side to his comeback single. Dorrough’s done a pretty good job of recreating that scenario on this hookless, edgeless playground chant of a song; the man’s enthusiasm for his car can’t be faulted, but it does start to wear somewhat thin over four minutes. Bonus point for the cute Rick Ross diss.

Chuck Eddy: Dorrough’s from Dallas, I live in Austin, and a couple months ago this came on the radio every time I got in my car. Though my car, unfortunately, is not clean on the outside, cream on the inside. Nor are its rims big. But it do ride good. Anyway, what’s been clear from first hearing is that, more than almost anybody else on r&b/hip-hop stations this year, Dorrough actually sounds like he’s enjoying himself — Rap hits this goofy and good-natured are forever an endangered species. Just wish he said what flavor the ice cream is. I hope Neapolitan.

Mallory O’Donnell: Dallas hip-hop has an amiable, clubby, almost cheery element that encourages multiple routes out of the regional rap (musical) ghetto, but Dorrough, despite appending “Music” to the end of his name, ain’t having it. This is a criminal waste of a whip-smart beat, but it’s moving violation over misdemeanor and I could just tear up this ticket right here if you drop me a hundo. And, please, gentlemen. It’s pronounced mar-kee.

Alfred Soto: In Miami these songs are as ubiquitous as tan lines. No reason to underrate them – or overrate them.

Anthony Miccio: Unusually vivacious and percolating for a 2009 hip-hop track about automotive accessories, I have to wonder if this was yanked from the Cash Money Basement Tapes.

Michaelangelo Matos: When even I, Mr. Hip-Hop Late Pass, think this song missed its calling by a few years, you have a problem on your hands.

Hillary Brown: Um, this makes me not even want ice cream anymore. Gross, sticky, unsexy, and not catchy enough to make up for all the above sins.

Rodney J. Greene: Dorrough’s chunky flow pounds down upon each beat, giving the bassy Generic Southern Rap backing a bit more bounce than it might otherwise posess. His rhymes are simple, but he tweaks the standard set of car-culture imagery just enough to provide points of interest. What puts it over is that he sounds like he’s enjoying the hell out of the whole thing.

Frank Kogan: At the start, we’ve got beats, genial rapping, a bass chug, and some blips. They roll along all nicely like that. And continue to roll just like that. And continue on like that. And continue on like that. And continue on, rolling along, just like that.

24 Responses to “Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job”

  1. Dudes. I’m pretty sure it’s not about a car.

  2. I just read the lyrics in full, and if it aint, that’s one hell of an extended metaphor.

  3. There’s at least a strong suggestion that he’s hinting around about BJs, idn’t there?

  4. Seriously, have you read the lyrics? If the car is his dick, why does he have four screens on the dash to watch Saved By The Bell on? And if the car is a girl, then why does she have a wide body like Rick Ross? Sometimes an ice cream paint job is just an ice cream paint job.

  5. Heh, yeah. I didn’t read them before writing, but it still kind of sounds like innuendo to me. It’s at least going to be my new euphemism.

  6. To be fair, while urban dictionary’s most popular definition involves cars, two less agreed-upon ones involve bukkake.

  7. That’s occurred to me ever since I first heard the song, fwiw; almost mentioned it in my blurb. But maybe I’m just in denial. (Plus, if I want to take it literally and let it be about a car, that’s my perogative as a listener, right?)

  8. (My other perogative is to spell “prerogative” wrong.)

  9. Get your mind out of the gutter. There’s nothing dirty about this song. Or his car.

  10. it’s pronounced “DRO”

  11. “Steering wheel wood like a baseball bat” is a line that is so drunk on its own innuendo that it can’t begin to stagger out of the gutter.

  12. Guys, it’s the law that your car song has to explain how wooden your dashboard is and what kind of foodstuff your automobile’s paint and upholstery is reminiscent of. Once you’re done thinking all rap metaphors are about sex, I’ll let you start dreaming up wild innuendo about what it means to have the inside of your car peanut butter and the outside jelly. Or the inside fishsticks and the outside tartare sauce.

  13. I’m kind of disappointed it’s not just pronounced ‘door’ but with, like, really filthy r-sounds. Kind of Andy Partridge-style but not quite so, y’know, Andy Partridge.

  14. “Steering wheel wood like a baseball bat” is a line that is so drunk on its own innuendo that it can’t begin to stagger out of the gutter.

    you guys are ridiculous. this is a reference to the fact that many expensive cars have wood interiors also baseball bats used in american baseball are made of wood. jesus christ.

    also yeah, jonathan’s right: if yall think this is some elaborate sex metaphor, do i have some lines for you! maybe you guys can find the deep hidden sex metaphor in “the shrimp scampi chevy and the guts look like egg yolk” or “y’all look thirsty and my cutlass look like orange juice”. maybe in the latter, his “car” (woman) has an orange “paint job” (“vagina”)? i’m stumped, personally.

  15. thanks to Jordan’s lyric excerpts, I’m ready to ask Will to lower my score.

  16. different songs

  17. Some of y’all are reaching like a mofo.

  18. This is dumb, but earwormy. And your collective bafflement over whether the song’s a bukkake metaphor or not is so hilarious that I’m willing to give it a [6].

  19. Out of all the millions of songs that have come out in the past few years about cars with great paint on the outside and leather on the inside (and there are a lot, such as “Inside Peanut Butter, Outside Jelly”), I’m not sure why this one blew up, as it seems like a less interesting carbon copy of its predecessors.

  20. you guys are literally reaching way too hard here.

    and Hillary is too much of an idiot to even read the lyrics before making judgment on what the song is even about. (just like a woman)
    And to the retard that says “it’s pronounced DRO”

    No. It’s Not fucking pronounced “DRO” it’s dorrough

    DOR OH. just like it’s fucking spelled. how retarded can you people get? fuck.

  21. just like a woman

    WHAT. You exist? Also, hullo, some of us are British. Not me tho. [/DNFTT]

  22. Oh, while this one’s bumped I may as well state that it fucking bangs and I’ve been rinsing it a ton recently. CLEAN ON THE OUTSIDE CREAM ON THE INSIDE

  23. ok, one month later i will speak, 1.) the song IS all about the car. 2.) If you dont like the song shut the fuck up and mind ya biz, its better you do that then shit talk like a hater for which i have no tolerance. 3.) I make beats if you need one hit a brother up. 4.) you non listening idiots are proof that ignorance is not bliss.

  24. Wow, it sure is great you waited a whole month for that.