Friday, April 11th, 2014

TeeFLii ft. 2 Chainz – 24 Hours

Yo. How ’bout some Hostess cupcakes?

Anthony Easton: I just bought discount Hostess cupcakes at the Ben Soir, while talking to a friend about math education. I will do some Jukebox work, and then read for class tomorrow. Then I will go to sleep around 4 a.m. I have a less interesting 24 hours than these two, although I don’t make bad Wafflehouse references (though I do follow them on Twitter)

Alfred Soto: Way too serious-dumb until 2 Chainz and his Waffle House refs, at which point the song turns fun-dumb.

Patrick St. Michel: It is a credit to how great 2 Chainz has gotten that the first thing I did when hearing this song was jump to his part to see if he delivered. Sort of — a great Waffle House intro, but tough getting over the record-scratch that is “womb service.” DJ Mustard’s beat, though, was a lovely bit of intimidating plinky-plonk.

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: TeeFlii came to cult prominence last year with “This D”, a song that essentially sums up his entire oeuvre: one-dimensional, rattling, horndogged beyond all comprehension. He has a squeaky voice, an inflection indebted to Michael Jackson (“Annie!”), and a tiny moustache that makes him look like Steve Albini. He won’t be a star, but the all-important DJ Mustard cosign could help him along – remember thinking that YG was boring before Mustard guided him through the excellent My Krazy Life? “24 Hours” is a song both TeeFlii and DJ Mustard have done multiple times over, epitomised by the qualities detailed above, but it remains a brutally effective formula. The only upgrade evident is 2 Chainz replacing ride-along rookies like YeaDat and Big Scrap, and with puns about “womb service” (I laughed), he certainly isn’t operating far outside his host’s comfort zone.

Megan Harrington: Not enough 2 Chainz! Never enough 2 Chainz! The vast majority of “24 Hours” (all but about 30 combined seconds, let’s say) is swallowed piecemeal by DJ Mustard’s beat — TeeFLii’s verses do not equal its enormity. Until 2 Chainz shows up, the song is 3,000 pounds of sleek German engineering sitting in the driveway, key in ignition, pinging its reminder to get out or get moving. 2 Chainz is the engine revving, vrooming out cute puns like “I ask them who is it, they said ‘room service!’/Gimme one minute she getting her womb service.” He acts, he cooks, he jumps TeeFLii’s dead battery.

Crystal Leww: If YG is the ideal rapper for a DJ Mustard beat, TeeFLii is the platonic ideal of a DJ Mustard pop R&B singer. Like YG, TeeFLii is no bandwagon artist jumping on the DJ Mustard train; DJ Mustard produced a few songs on his mid-2013 tape AnnieRUO’TAY 2, and TeeFLii had a co-writing credit on the terribly catchy DJ Mustard-produced Kid Ink single “Show Me” with what sounds like his part going to the just terrible Chris Brown. TeeFLii is basically the same mold of R&B rascal that Chris Brown is, delivering compliments through a smirk with lines like “you should be the type to profile that pussy” and falling in line with current Bay Area boy obsession with bad girls. 2 Chainz continues to be a twisted uncle rapper, with terrible dad-level puns like “off white like eggnog” and telling dirty jokes “your nigga ain’t hard; he erectile!” delivered with such enthusiasm and panache. All this is grounded by a Pop Mustard beat, my favorite version of DJ Mustard. He brings back that synth line, the elastic pinging that brings some much needed dynamism to his usual bass/snap beat combo. If this is how DJ Mustard decides to cross over into the pop fray rather than stuff like this, we might be seeing the return of the hip hop crossover producer.

Brad Shoup: Great timbre on the arcade-cabinet hook, but I wish the melody dropped at the end. The “heys” are like a Getty Images watermark at this point; they can’t crowd out TeeFLii, so what’s the point? Like any great working comic, 2 Chainz got to me eventually, though.

Mallory O’Donnell: Spoiler alert: it’s not a Joy Division cover, just a song that covers your joy with a thick blanket of anemic beats and stale sexist banter. But if I bet you like getting smothered, you were probably asking for it.

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  1. here for Crystal and DJ Mustard

  2. New controversy index winner? Or do there need to be more people voting at the high and low ends?

  3. Yeah, too many scores in the middle of the spectrum for this to score big on that measure.

  4. Mustard is so wack. critics co-signing dude’s limp-ass handclaps have disappointed moi

  5. I wouldn’t want to wipe this mustard off my chin.

  6. ace wilder scored 1.93 fwiw

  7. spoiler alert: There is more Crystal + DJ Mustard coming everyone’s way because duhhhhhhhhhh

  8. .. is it not ‘you should be the type to provide that pussy’?

  9. …that would make more sense. SORRY Y’ALL