Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

The Lost Trailers – All This Love

Not a cover of The Similou, before you ask…


Anthony Miccio: Judging from the weight the singer puts into this soulful seriousness – watch your back, Kid Rock! – I’m guessing “love” stands for “Viagra.”

John Seroff: Polished, by-the-numbers borecore nu-country for Red State couples-only group skate. “What are you gonna do with all this love?” I dunno; can I borrow a feeling?

Matt Cibula: Sniff if you must, but there’s a lot of soul in that voice, and my people gotta get laid too. Alfalfa and grass-fed lamb don’t raise theyselves, you know.

Anthony Easton: Made me cry and gave me a hard on; the last person to do that was Josh Turner, but at least I had a visual for that.

Chuck Eddy: There’s more soul-music grit to the lead and background vocals than you’ll hear in most r&b these days, and more mall-blues power-ballad sway to the guitars than you’ll hear in most rock. But as a song, it’s a little dull. I’m disappointed that these guys have put on the back burner the character and humor they showed off in 2006’s “Gravy” and 2008’s “Holler Back.”

Michaelangelo Matos: I wish they’d kept understating things all the way to the end, but even with Ryder Lee moving toward a holler in the final quarter this still keeps a lot of power in its reserve. The organ helps situate it in the Muscle Shoals tradition as well as the Nashville one. And Lee sangs his ass off.

Martin Skidmore: This sounds like ’70s easy-listening country rock, Eagles territory. The oddest thing is that this is from the second album in a row where they recorded this same song. The singing has some feeling, but I didn’t like the soft-rock guitar at all, and the song is ordinary.

Martin Kavka: The song itself isn’t bad, as far as Ballads Of Emotionally Stunted Heterosexual Men go. (I’ll tell you what you can do with all that love. You can direct it inward, and love yourself enough to learn from your mistakes with her.) But why is this being worked as a single now? Why was it even re-released on the Holler Back album? Did someone in a band meeting say, “I don’t care if this song was on our 2006 album. We’ll put it on every damn album we release. We’ll work it to radio for decades to come. I’m not going to give up my dream of getting her back!!!”??

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