Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

The Singles Podcast – #4

Since our last podcast, we have a new 2014 leader, so we’re talking about that. We also discuss What They Are Doing To Our Lovely Ariana Grande, plus there’s a primer on some of what’s happened in the last six months or so in K-pop. Your host for this podcast is Jessica Doyle, alongside Katherine St. Asaph, Will Swygart, Madeleine Lee and Sonya Nicholson.

Download it here (MP3, 0:56:42, 23.18 Mb)

A higher quality version (MP3, 60.39 Mb) can be downloaded from the following mirror: [Sendspace]

Apple still doesn’t seem to want to feature us in the iTunes Store, but we’re confident it’ll be fixed by the next episode. In the meantime, this link should enable you to listen to us through iTunes:

Here’s what we played and talked about:

Infinite – Last Romeo  [Youtube] (Lead-in track)
Indiana – Solo Dancing [Youtube] [Jukebox entry]
Katy B – 5am [Youtube] [Jukebox entry]
Indiana – Solo Dancing (Chris Lake remix) [Youtube]
Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea – Problem [Youtube] [Jukebox entry]
Ariana Grande – Honeymoon Avenue [Youtube]
Girl’s Day – Something [Youtube]
Jiyeon – Never Ever (1 Minute 1 Second) [Youtube] [Original spoiler]
4Minute – Whatcha Doin’ Today? [Youtube]
EXO-K – Overdose [Youtube]
Taeyang – Ringa Linga [Youtube]
HIGH4 & IU – Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms [Youtube]
MBLAQ – Be A Man [Youtube]
Wheesung – Best Man [Youtube]

Other stuff we mentioned in passing but didn’t play:
Zendaya – Replay [Youtube] [Jukebox entry]
15& – Can’t Hide It [Youtube]
Boys Republic – Video Game [Youtube]
Orange Caramel – Catalena [Youtube] [Jukebox entry]
Lip Service – Yum Yum Yum [Youtube] [Jukebox entry]
EXO – Growl [Youtube]
ZE:A – Step By Step (Live) [Youtube]
ZE:A-FIVE – The Day We Broke Up [Youtube]
Nine Muses – Wild [Youtube] [Jukebox entry]
Infinite – Man in Love [Youtube]
Wheesung – Need To Make Money [Youtube]


9 Responses to “The Singles Podcast – #4”

  1. Wonderful work, as usual!

    To answer your question about the Chris Lake remix’s ‘slap of meat’ sound, I’m not totally sure what it is, but seems like a harsh synth that’s given its wub-ness either through a) an LFO (low-frequency oscillator, not the band) or b) some sort of cutoff envelope with a quick attack.

  2. Can we have a review of the World Cup songs?? We are one (from Pitbull), La la la (Shakira) . Or maybe Waka Waka (We never had a review of that song!).

  3. In the Kpop segment, we talked about the MV director Lupens (sp?) who’s everywhere these days, but we probably should have talked about the songwriting team Duble Sidekick:


    “Duble Sidekick reigned on the charts of the first half of 2014. From Girls’ Day “Something” to “The Lone Duckling” by g.o.d, songs of various genres grabbed the number 1 spot of the ranking charts. A Pink’s “Mr. Chu”, Junggigo’s “For You”, G.Na’s “Pretty Lingerie”, Jun Hyosung’s “Good-Night Kiss” are songs created by Duble Sidekick. Duble Sidekick is getting song requests by more than half of the singers planning a comeback for the second semester of 2014.”

    (emphasis mine)

  4. Speaking of Jun Hyosung, we mentioned her briefly but then talked about T-ara’s Jiyeon instead because of her controversial music video… but Hyosung’s mini (yes produced by Duble Sidekick just like Jiyeon’s) is stronger, especially the B-side You Don’t Know Women.

    Also, I mentioned Boys Republic as a boyband single I liked that we didn’t cover, but forgot to mention SPEED – Zombie Party, which is the best of Taewoon (i.e. Zico-from-Block-B’s-older-brother)’s self-written songs for them. SPEED are turning into a group who handle their own affairs, from songwriting to stage costumes to choreography (and they’re also resembling Block B more and more).

  5. “it had a lot of trumpets” Will inadvertantly giving a very definitive statement about early-to-mid 2000s pop.

  6. Pete: We are planning to do both of those soon, yes.

  7. Sonya: and then I could’ve mentioned how Dublekick is responsible for the worst two singles in MBLAQ’s career (“This Is War” and “Run”) and brought it around to Wheesung! ah well, hindsight

  8. Dublekick are really hit and miss… in that article I linked they talk about “destroying the structure” of Hyosung’s Good Night Kiss but in practice the whole song is one long chorus and bridge. And not in a good way like Perfume’s Spending All My Time either.

  9. I would like to just admit that in the course of editing this podcast together, I developed something of a fondness for “Problem”.