Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Monica ft. Missy Elliott – Let Me Know

Saw the video for “The Boy Is Mine” the other night, still holds up…


Alex Ostroff: Monica opens this with “You said you’d take me to the Jay-Z concert last night.” Winehouse pulled this trick in “Me and Mr Jones” without ever directly mentioning Nas, and still managed to simultaneously sound both more upset and less codependent.

Alex Macpherson: Starts by reducing a classic, wickedly barbed Erykah Badu skit to a wearisome nag, and proceeds along those lines in such a way that you realise exactly why the dude bailed on that Jay-Z concert. Especially if Monica was just going to bring her annoying, loud, unsubtle friend along to butt in at every opportunity.

Matt Cibula: Monica does a pretty great thing with all of her vocals, like usual, but I must admit that I was mostly just waiting for Missy’s part, which is somewhere south of underwhelming.

Anthony Easton: A much better showcase for the throwback quality of Monica’s voice; the Missy details are baroque ornament on a perfect plain work.

John Seroff: This is Missy at her least appealing: aping 50 Cent, barking VOs like she’s afraid we’ve forgotten her and rapping with a ponderous stride that suggests she’s wearing hip waders in the studio.

Ian Mathers: Missy Elliot’s vocal presence and the great, throwback loops that make up “Let Me Know” are all very reminiscent of Tweet’s great Missy-assisted “Turn Da Lights Off” from 2004. But while that song had the dreamy quality of a hazy, oddly intense reverie, “Let Me Know” is harder-edged. The production sounds almost like RZA gone R’n’B and the main reason why I’d rather listen to “Turn Da Lights Off” is simply that Monica isn’t a compelling enough performer to do it justice.

Alfred Soto: Monica’s perfectly okay voice sounds perfectly okay atop a track that Missy could have lifted from Supa Dupa Fly, and that’s part of the appeal: 1997 here and forever, stupid interjections undergirding the sincere emotions. The difference is Missy, who’s quietly turning subtext into text. Wonder what else she’s been doing on sabbatical. And who.

Chuck Eddy: Beginning about being stood up for Jay-Z concert could pass for parody, and gets more annoying when Monica turns histrionic; boasts about multimillion dollar record deal feel somewhat delusionary; Missy’s rap could’ve been done by anybody. Is that her grunting like Lil Jon, too?

Briony Edwards: Pleasant enough, apart from Missy’s occasional punchy deliveries, but this song is harshly boring – the sort of song you could hear 1000 times in the background and never actually realise you’d heard it at all.

Al Shipley: “So Gone” is a minor classic, and possibly the last one either Monica or Missy’s been involved in. And this song definitely isn’t looking to break that streak of misses of since then.

Additional Scores

Hillary Brown: [2]
Michaelangelo Matos: [4]
Martin Skidmore: [7]

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  1. she needs better producers she has a GREAT voice all she needs is good beats and good songs!!

  2. yup