Monday, July 7th, 2014

The Singles Podcast – #5

On our fifth podcast we  have Women Talking About Dudes Talking About Lana Del Rey, what’s next for 2013/2014’s #1 assist Charli XCX, not being offended by “Cut Her Off” and asking why in the name of all that is good and holy is there an Aaliyah biopic happening? Your hosts are Crystal Leww, Megan Harrington and Katherine St Asaph.

Download it here: (38:54, MP3):
Low quality – 15.4 Mb
High quality – 38.5 Mb

A higher quality version (MP3, 38.5 Mb) can be downloaded from the following mirror: [Sendspace]

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Here’s what we played and talked about:

Lana Del Rey – Shades of Cool [Jukebox entry] [YouTube]
Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby [YouTube]
Lana Del Rey – Fucked My Way Up To the Top [YouTube]
Charli XCX – Boom Clap [Jukebox entry] [YouTube]
K Camp ft. 2 Chainz – Cut Her Off [Jukebox entry] [YouTube]
Trina ft. Lil Mo – Cut Her Off (Remix) [YouTube]
Keyshia Cole ft. Sean Kingston – Loyal (Remix) [YouTube]
Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q – 2 On [Jukebox entry] [YouTube]

Further reading (and listening!):
Emma Carmichael – These Hoes Ain’t Heard: The Women Who Remixed “Loyal”
John Caramanica – Retro Rap That Puts Women Down

10 Responses to “The Singles Podcast – #5”

  1. note for pedantic listeners: This podcast was recorded before Zendaya left the Aaliyah biopic. There might also be some minor changes to the charts since then.

  2. though the zendaya/aaliyah part is still interesting! and there’s a lot of speculation about whether zendaya jumped or was pushed. is this project DOA? please discuss.

  3. “DJ Mustard should be a McDonald’s character” – <333

  4. Why is her alternate universe “drunk aunt” character “shaped by men”? Because she’s defined by sex?

    Does this mean Nick Cave’s ladykiller characters are shaped by women?

  5. the impression I got was that this was in terms of critical/listener response. (which means that yeah, how Nick Cave’s ladykiller characters get perceived in the real world probably has something to do with women, given how massive a female fanbase he has)

  6. “Mother, May I Collaborate With Drake?” — amazing podcast, everyone!

  7. Drake should play Aaliyah

  8. heyaaaaaa, will there be an iTunes version soon?

  9. As in on the iTunes store? I hope for the next one.


  10. I’d caution against using that Sendspace download. I ended up with some malware.