Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

The Singles Podcast – #6

On our sixth podcast Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy and Sonya Nicholson talk 2NE1, Taeyang, f(x), Alt-J and Grimes while disagreeing on most of the finer points thereof.

Download it here: (47:30, MP3)

Low quality – 23.0 Mb
High quality – 53.1 Mb

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Here’s what we played and talked about:

2NE1 – Crush (Japanese version)  [YouTube]
Taeyang – 1AM [Jukebox entry] [YouTube]
Taeyang – Eyes Nose Lips [YouTube]
Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous [YouTube]
Demo version of f(x) – Red Light [Soundcloud]
f(x) – MILK [YouTube]
Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine [Jukebox entry] [YouTube]
Alt-J – Left Hand Free [YouTube]
Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds – Go [Jukebox entry] [Soundcloud]

Further listening and reading:

f(x) – Red Light [Jukebox entry] [YouTube]
“Navigating the Undercard: New releases by f(x) and The-Dream”

One Response to “The Singles Podcast – #6”

  1. i feel like the grimes/blood diamonds track is more of a one-off single not necessarily indicative of the direction she’s taking with her next record (especially since it was meant to go to rihanna). this new track she’s been performing during her live show gives a clearer picture into the future of grimes, and i’m really looking forward to it: