Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Livvi Franc ft. Pitbull – Now I’m That Bitch

God, he gets everywhere these days, innit?…


Chuck Eddy: Another apparent post-Peaches pottymouth meets Miami rapper who’s been positioning himself toward cheesedance land at least since sampling Debbie Deb in 2006. They seem compatible enough.

Martin Skidmore: A British-Bajan singer, clearly looking to be the new Rihanna. She might have a chance, too – she’s probably a better singer, with a similar nasal buzz, and this is bright, lively and strong, and Pitbull provides some extra exuberance. Maybe the tune isn’t quite memorable enough to be huge, but it’s very enjoyable.

Anthony Miccio: Fuming about a former crush, Livvi puts on her sluttiest outfit and hits the club, where the only person having fun is the hopeful horndog at the bar loudly cheering on her independent ways.

Hillary Brown: I don’t know if I need my pop songs to be novella-like in the amount of plot they contain, but I’m sure this is just right for certain situations.

Alfred Soto: My homeboy gets points for loving a chick whose contempt is inseparable from her affection. Livvi’s colorless voice rides the electrobeat almost as well as Debbie Deb and Jeanette Jurado did too.

Martin Kavka: Let me consult my Elements Of Sublime Female-Fronted Pop checklist. Is there good production, hitting the sweet spot between “US urban” and “European pop”? Check. Good vocal performance? Except for the middle eight, where Franc’s singing is overly labored, check. Wonderful video, preferably with both a chair dance *and* bondage elements? Oh yeah. Does the lyric give the singer agency, and refuse to position her as men’s sexual plaything? Check. If there must be a guest rap, is it at least non-disposable? Yup. I’m actually fascinated by the interplay between Franc and Pitbull, who tells her that if she were indeed no chonga and as strong as she says she is, she would lighten the fuck up. Indeed, the only thing more entertaining than this song at the moment is the opening series of definitions for “chonga” at

Michaelangelo Matos: I love how blatantly, on the radio edit, she overdubs “chick” in place of “bitch”: truth in advertising still counts for something, doesn’t it? Unless we’re referring to Pitbull hocking up loogies along the lines of, “You’re the queen/Here’s your crown.”

Alex Ostroff:“Hi! My name is…you won’t remember. Wait ’til December.” Unless Livvi has some better tricks than yet another second-tier Rihanna track, December is being optimistic.

Cecily Nowell-Smith: There’s something rather sweet about this sweary little piece of electrohouse-y pop (but what doesn’t sound electrohouse-y, these days: how odd that 2009 should have developed such a definite sound on both sides of the pond, and that be the sound of 2005). You were too good to sleep with me before, she says, so now I’m too good to sleep with you. In terms of served-cold revenge it’s not exactly Titus Andronicus, is it? You expect more bite from her voice, which has that same metal tang that Rihanna made so wild and fantastical on records like “Unfaithful”, but this is a song intent on staying too classy for any embarrassing emotion.

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