Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Lethal Bizzle ft. JME & Tempa T – RariWorkOut



Brad Shoup: /puts on wedding playlist /guests die


Kat Stevens: I’ve spent all summer beefing up my upper arms, lats and trapezoids and it’s been immensely satisfying. I can pick up a basket of wet laundry like it was a mere basket of dry laundry! I’m pleased to find that the Boy Better Know crew have a) achieved similar levels of Hench b) written a suitably energetic song about it. All that’s missing is a Man 2 Man sample! I’m not entirely sure when my Ferrari is due to arrive but another couple of chin-ups should do it?

Maxwell Cavaseno: IT’S. DA. BIZZLE! The More Fire Camp maestro hasn’t had a song that measures up to the immediacy of the 2004 East London Royal Rumble “Pow!” for over a decade. But RariWorkOut is an unmistakable BANGEUR, the likes in grime haven’t produced in years! JME’s nerdy precociousness is actually perfectly incisive, Lethal’s bombastic plugged-in-a-socket flow returning with surprising comfort. And Tempz! TEMMMMPZ! Tempa T hasn’t sounded this alive since the power and the glory that was his sudden ascension to the top tier of MCs in 09-10! I’m amazed because if you told me years ago that in 2014, the likes of Skepta, Wiley, Ghetto, Kano and Dizzee would be unable to make a good single, while Lethal The Bizzle was running laps around them, I’d have laughed outright, but here we are! Also, much like “Pow!” stole its trademark hook from Pay As U Go Cartel’s God’s Gift, Lethal’s definitely jacked his “PUMP PUMP PUMP”! bellow from another MC, and I just can’t recall. As such, Lethal’s inability to stop jacking from his peers prevents me from giving this song the [10] it so rightly deserves.

Katherine St Asaph: I can’t wait until we’re all brains in jars. No one will have to work out, or be shouted at to.

Alfred Soto: It’s inevitable that a little over ten years after grime’s peak one of its touchstones would release this comeback. The momentum drills a hole into the wall, and Tempa keeps up.

Patrick St. Michel: Been a while since I’ve so badly wanted an instrumental/hook-only version of a song as for this. Have you ever waded into a bodybuilding forum, or know someone who has? I have and do, and the line between general concern and egotistical preacher is very thin. I was hoping this would turn into a metaphor for anything else, but nope. But the energy is so damn good, it makes the gym obsession tolerable. 

Iain Mew: You’d think there’s only so highly I can rate a record whose best moment is a simple flip of another record, but I love “German Whip” that much. Besides, this actually makes exercise sound fun! It’s all in the balance of actual motivation, tongue in cheek humour and an energetic beat that never quite settles. It’s like having an instructor you like enough to be happy when they call you out for relaxing. Stop that! PUMP PUMP PUMP!

Scott Mildenhall: Lethal Bizzle holds an interesting place in the newly codified game of banter. Over the last few years (and over the internet) he’s become a bit of a lad icon, and “RariWorkOut” exemplifies that: big bants and bigger biceps. Like “German Whip”, it’s Soccer AM pop, in a niche world of Frimpong, Akinfenwa and Heskey that is in no way a guarantee of quality. On this occasion it’s hard to resist — “PUMP PUMP PUMP”, “RARIWORKOUT” and a near parodic overuse of “dench” amid little relent. However he does it, he’s one of very few people to get rap in the chart, and without a traditional promotional set-up.

Jonathan Bradley: I only ever exercise when a rapper instructs me on how, and while I found the Kanye West Get Right For The Summer Work Out Tape to be worth every cent of the $free.99 I paid for it, I’ve felt I’m long overdue for a new routine. So thank you very much to Mr. Bizzle for this plan, complete with a pointy little synth loop, a charged-up bounce, and, most important, a really shoutable hook: RARI WORK OUT. RARI WORK OUT. Extra thanks to JME for for his comprehensive list of reasons to engage in a fitness regime: Vine, Instagram, your health, your fam. (Apparently some of those are more respectable than others?)

Thomas Inskeep: Like most of the British rappers I like, Bizzle rose out of the grime scene, and to its credit this is barely more polished than some of his grime classics (like “Pow” and More Fire Crew’s “Oi!”) (as opposed to the overproduced road Dizzee Rascal seems to have gone down of late). That said, this will totally go into my gym playlist.  

Megan Harrington: Shhh. Be very quiet. I’m hunting meatheads. 

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8 Responses to “Lethal Bizzle ft. JME & Tempa T – RariWorkOut”

  1. “Lethal, how we gonna summarise this?”

  2. It’s weird to see Lethal Bizzle as an actual musician releasing songs and not just as a meme on Arsenal twitter accounts.

  3. I’m so glad I don’t care about sports, because I only know him for his weird overly aggressive feud with N-Dubz. Apparently the pumping went to his head.

  4. I swear I heard a ‘hench’ in there as well as ‘dench’ – as an ancient old woman I am of course not down with the kids in any way, but I wonder if the latter has now superseded the former? Is there any real difference?

  5. @Patrick:

    (for some reason i think this song is going to be massive.)

  6. Hench was in fact rhymed with dench. Kat has earned herself the title of Bad Gyal Kat, is forevermore road in the eyes of TSJ and will not have a bar, seen?

  7. It took me approx 3 years to work out what a par was.

  8. great vibe