Friday, September 11th, 2009

Medina – Velkommen Til Medina

Our favourite Dane waits for her second single before making introductions…


Alfred Soto: Velcome to vhat a Danish electro act thinks is a vunderful attempt at a theme song.

Chuck Eddy: Funky cold Medina. (Amazed nobody made that joke here about her previous single, but it’s sort of true.) Anyway, I always thought Nena was sehr heiß, and Danish is close enough to Deutsch for my schnitzel. She’s got a wisp of a voice, but the obsessiveness here reels me in.

Michaelangelo Matos: Pretty cold, but not necessarily funky.

Ian Mathers: If I’d remembered to blurb her last song here it probably wouldn’t be in our top ten; it wasn’t anything special, but whenever only a few of us review a given single it’s easier for it to get a higher/lower score as long as people are basically in agreement. It’s tempting to mark this down a point or two just on principle, but it’s not as if I hated “Kun for Mig” and this one is actually much better – with an actual chorus and everything!

Pete Baran: Naggingly incessant doesn’t usually equal good in my books, but there is something about this track that clicks. As a kind of calling card song it fails for me in as much as I can only just understand the chorus, but there is just enough going along to keep me coming back for more.

Martin Skidmore: I really like this, the sexy vocals and most of the confident, even muscular, music, and I can see an anglophone version being a hit here.

Hillary Brown: Moments are a bit “Yvan eht Nioj,” and she still can’t have a song that progresses, but Medina makes quite a sales pitch with her vocals, which are smooth and sexy like a bikini-filled commercial.

4 Responses to “Medina – Velkommen Til Medina”

  1. LOL at Yvan eht Nioj
    I think Velkommen til Medina is Danish for “welcome to the strip club”

  2. Oh Kun for Mig totally deserves its top ten slot.

  3. Given that the first line of the song translates to “I am like a stripper for you,” I think that John is close. But “welcome to my vajayjay” would be closer.

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