Monday, September 28th, 2009

The Big Pink – Dominos

Are you read-eh…


Michaelangelo Matos: Oh wow: London gothgaze duo expands palette to include ranker-than-thou woman dismissal because (cough) they gotta be free, man.

Martin Skidmore: If you think the only problem with lumpen electro-shoegaze is that the lyrics aren’t as misogynist as hardcore rap, that’s been solved. Obviously there is none of the verbal inventiveness of rap here, but there is the same attitude to women. Hurrah.

Spencer Ackerman: “These girls fall like dominoes” is how you say “wait till you see my dick” in indie.

Chuck Eddy: Is it only my imagination, or does every new generation of British bands somehow manage to sing even more rigidly than the one before it? I can actually take this song’s stupid chorus, and the rhythm could be worse. But the cue-carding reading in the verses is some new kind of low.

Chris Boeckmann: I’m here to stand up for gigantic choruses.

Hillary Brown: Apparently, I hated their previous track, so either I’ve flip-flopped hugely, or this is just a good bit better. I vote for the latter. It’s quite listenable, all fuzzy waves and fairly nice vocals plus a fairly quick pace.

Matt Cibula: Surprising myself by liking this in a new wavey / martial law sort of way.

Talia Kraines: People tell me that the distortion and rumblings in this song remind them of The Jesus & Mary Chain. As a fully signed up member of the Spice Girls school of music as a teenager, I have no idea what they are talking about. What I hear is a calm but asserting opening that suddenly explodes into a euphoric pop hook that makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and stomp about.

Iain Mew: Elsewhere online, I suggested that this sounded like Kasabian, and fans of the song hurriedly denied it. I stick by it – The Big Pink are a bit cleverer, a bit fuzzier and have better lyrics but they achieve very much the same barely concealed menace via sneering vocals over booming beats. The results in this case, though, are a lot of fun. Almost as much fun as tagging “watch them all fall down” on the end of the chorus.

Peter Parrish: Anything referring to the toppling of dominoes puts me in mind of wide open spaces at BBC television center; patterns of black tendrils spreading across wooden floors against a ticking timer as the ghost of Roy Castle floats overheard. This song certainly isn’t going to break any records with me though!!! Ha ha … yeah, sorry. I’m bothered by how hollow this sounds, though. Not in a we’re-so-frightfully-bored-in-our-sunglasses way, or even an affecting-the-emotionless-stance-of-musical-robots way, just … devoid of a point of interest to cling on to. There’s a bit of glitz and a chap enunciating his lyrics with bewildering care and, oh yes, those dominoes. Which are actually girls. Blame them for standing too close together if you will, but maybe you should just stop pushing them over. Dolt.

2 Responses to “The Big Pink – Dominos”

  1. i love this song. i support this blurb:

    Chris Boeckmann: I’m here to stand up for gigantic choruses.

  2. And “Velvet” had such promise. Oh well.