Friday, November 28th, 2014

Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Cedric, which teachers did you have in mind?


David Sheffieck: I kinda want to see a cage match between Walk the Moon, Prides, Bastille, and the handful of other bands creating competent but unexceptional songs in the same hybrid arena-rock/dance-pop space, but even more than that I’m impressed that there seems to be space for all of them in a landscape that’s supposedly moving further and further from guitars. Maybe they’re just appealing to country fans looking to stretch out a little?

Will Adams: “Shut Up and Dance” has a wide-eyed dopiness (which is either endearing or obnoxious; depends on the day) about it that helps undercut the self-serious glitter-rock. It’s catchy, loud, and so harmless the iTunes single might as well come with a chocolate chip cookie.

Cédric Le Merrer: This is the kind of ultra-square rock that can only be impressive when you find out it’s what your high school English teacher does on the weekend. Walk The Moon’s only real flaw is to not be comprised of every high school English teacher ever.

Alfred Soto: Shut Up and Listen to U2 with Me

Iain Mew: Placing the words of the title in someone else’s mouth is a very smart idea. It allows one to sing along with a fun phrase without actually having to identify as the the person telling someone to shut up, and it’s quite indicative of how the song works. It goes off like shaken up fizzy drinks and is so stuffed with hooks that even its economical solo has to get pushed aside, but its “discotheque Juliet teenage dream” isn’t about confidence. If it wasn’t sung by a man who sounds like a less confident Mark Owen, if it wasn’t for its trembling, can’t-believe-my-luck vulnerability, it wouldn’t be nearly so appealing.

David Moore: Talk among yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: “Shut Up and Dance” knows neither how to shut up nor how to dance.

Maxwell Cavaseno: The alternative world where U2 didn’t go into bro-rock during the 80s to hit their cash stride, but made a cheap dance-pop single that makes for a great staple of radio stations they play in the kitchens of restaurants.

Patrick St. Michel: It’s totally a Silly-Putty-ed take on a musical era long gone, and that can only get you so far. But the hook is so stupidly effective that it will be great to shout along at in concert a few beers back. 

Katherine St Asaph: That’s what you get for waking up in a Spotify ad.

Brad Shoup: Very happy that alt-rock is taking cues from Katy Perry. Air-tight sellout disco rock with a riff that grounds and doesn’t lead. If you close your eyes, you can imagine a world in which the Hooters were America’s U2.

Anthony Easton: This makes me want to buy an entry-level microvan and move to the suburbs. 

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  1. amazing screencap

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  3. p glad i liked this when it came out, my track record with this isn’t great

  4. in the top 10! and I still like it!