Friday, December 19th, 2014

Tink ft. Jeremih – Don’t Tell Nobody

And this number’s recommended by Crystal.


Crystal Leww: So rarely do artists have that moment that hits you like a fucking sledgehammer, when they burst out with a track that makes your ears buzz, body move, and mind scream. Azealia Banks did it to me with “212.” I had this moment with Vic Mensa and Tkay Maidza earlier this year. Supposedly, “Don’t Tell Nobody” is the moment that Timbaland knew. And it’s hard to see why not: Tink raps well and sings well, but like everyone else I’ve already listed above, it’s a quality in self-assured, confident, and showy work without seeming braggy about it. That second verse gets to me every time: the confident coo of “I’mma text Brian, Facetime Ryan, call up Keenan, tell him I need him” or the rapidfire staccato of “You creepin, I’m leaving, you call me, I pick up, I hang up, you text me, let’s link up, and I just say ‘fuck it’ and we end up fucking,” which sounds as rhythmic as this terrible pattern that she’s in with this dude sound like Tink fully realized. At 19, I spent a lot of time chasing after ain’t-shit dudes and falling into terrible patterns, but I only wish I sounded as comfortably unnerved and angry as Tink does here. She sounds so much like herself.

Brad Shoup: R&B needs a little light torture every now and again, and Jeremih sounds positively glum. The track drifts and bloops, a space-age caress for a specially fucked-up couple.

Anthony Easton: Tink has some spectacular flow, and the move between anger and sangfroid is emphasized with some genuinely gorgeous glitched out noise and some solid percussion…Jeremih’s erotic begging is a mild gender fuck, but adds to the tension of the whole piece. 

Alfred Soto: Tink sounds great — she always does — but the rhymes aren’t up to her flow or the spare Dre & Vidal-worthy beat, although “in the back seat sweatin’ like an athlete” was good for a chuckle.

Micha Cavaseno: Tink’s tone continues to sound like a desperate need for Mucinex DM, her songwriting continues to leave me cold, and this beat is some soundcloud gold of boring ideas from years and years go.

Thomas Inskeep: I’m not a big fan of Jeremih, but he has his moments, and this is one of ’em: at his best, he’s Chris Brown without the baggage. This is also a fine example of how to use Auto-Tune the right way. “Don’t Tell Nobody” shows off rookie Tink’s nimble raps (I’m a sucker for the line “As much as I hate ya/I still wanna date ya”) and some lovely, plush-yet-skittery production from Da Internz (I’m not sure how they pulled that off, but they did). I grew up two hours from the Chi, and this makes me miss it a bunch.

Edward Okulicz: Giving Jeremih an actual bit rather than just making him a dumb hook singer who’s more subject than actor detracts from Tink’s impact. That’s a bit of a disappointment because the second half of the second verse is the absolute best stuff I’ve heard from her. She gives us nimble rhymes and wonderful bit of acting, fleshing out the words with convincing depictions of the conflicting emotions of the relationship she’s describing.

Patrick St. Michel: A clever song with a great beat and singing. Maybe you could wring a “modern love” essay out of this, but I’m enjoying the bubbly track.

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