Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Eve & Benga – Me N My

If Lil Wayne can get Jay Sean a US #1, then this must be good for at least #37 in the UK…


Frank Kogan: Remember that game of female telephone snog in the vid for Simian Mobile Disco’s “Hustler“? It provoked an interchange on a YouTube comment thread. Rythr: “Maybe the oldest male heterocentrist fantasy.” harshtradamus: “and best!” addmeloiz: “NOT COOL.” Neurodyne: “You forgot the I M in the beginning of your comment.” The “Hustler” girl had a half-deadpan bruised-waif vocal. This girl goes half-deadpan too, also bruised, but tougher. Another classic male heterocentrist fantasy!

Martin Kavka: The existence of what sounds like a Josh Wink remix of “Galvanized” is not earth-shattering, although highly pleasurable to my ears. But the way Eve growls “never knew a bitch like you could dance” means that songwriters trying to develop the Next Great Lesbian Striptease Anthem should just give up now.

Renato Pagnani: I don’t even mind that Eve forgot to write a song over this. Really not necessary.

Martin Skidmore: The compelling music is well matched by her customarily ridiculous lyrics, though she still sounds too flattened for my tastes. I could have lived with less of her, to give more prominence to the restless, exciting music, but this is irresistible anyway.

Melissa Bradshaw: Oh. My. God. Eve tries to be Missy Elliot over a really, really old Benga track (E Trips). I am reading, but totally not hearing, some stuff about Salaam Remi doing something to the beat. What a load of balls! Anyway, I’d outskank her at FWD any day and she’d get laughed out the club chatting like that. Seriously, fuck her I was doing that years ago. I just hope Benga gets loads of money bless him.

Anthony Miccio: Pretty tragic to have such a forward-thinking collaboration sound like old Peaches.

Alex Ostroff: “Me N My” doesn’t aspire to much, but what it aspires to it does well. I have a nagging fear that, Eve’s presence aside, this is no more noteworthy than any other rap/dance hybrid in 2009. But while it’s playing, I’m too busy spazzing out to care. Is an extended 10 minute mix of this too much to ask for?

Ian Mathers: Up until about 1:50, this just keeps getting more and more claustrophobically intense; if the song had kept going like that it would have exploded into something really stunning, I think. Instead “Me N My”‘s grip slackens, and while the scurrying, circular production and the harsh delivery are still compelling, it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Rodney J. Greene: The bass is low and dirty and up to no good, rising every bar like some evil monolith. Eve, who quite obviously loves this type of menacing electro shit (check her turn on Missy’s mechanically bumping “4 My People”), reacts by sparking the dance in the most gully way possible. Her club sounds like the type where cops are called every night. We need more bangers for those spots.

9 Responses to “Eve & Benga – Me N My”

  1. I somehow missed how lesbionic in a “Move Ya Body”-but-less-innocent way this was until after blurbs were closed, but that just makes me love it even more.

  2. Since when is 18 months “really, really old,” especially when this leaked in July?

  3. Since the internets.

  4. See I was expecting something like “well dubstep is mutating so rapidly” but sure.

  5. How is 18 months not “really, really old”? “E Trips” feels even older than it is because yeah, dubstep has totally switched up in the meantime. It might not have mattered had Eve not been so lazy with it but as it is, I cosign Melissa’s blurb.

  6. You do realize that in Eve’s home nation “E Trips” is new to everyone except for select a few music geeks, yeah?

  7. It occurs to me why this works so well is because dubstep and crunk are the same tempo.

  8. And it gets around the no-sex-in-dubstep conundrum in a totally different way than your “Alicia”/”Love Dub”/”Hyph Mngo” type joints: rough fucking, rather than smooth love-making.

  9. I do feel like I want to hear some actual ho-rap over dubstep because of this, but it grates because it’s such a missed opportunity too. I mean, why did Eve even bother if we were going to lose interest barely a “verse” in and just go “come on, dance, come on”? Maybe we can get New Era or Nicki Minaj on the case.