Monday, January 12th, 2015

O.T. Genasis – CoCo

So… this is not about the little black dress?


Crystal Leww: Listen: I’m generally a huge fan of these viral rap songs, but “CoCo” is boring, as evidenced by how quickly it fails the driving test. This was playing on all three Dallas rap radio stations once, and I think I changed the station to something really lame, like that Jason Derulo song. Points for spawning this rework though.

Patrick St. Michel: The first song ever where every single Vine riffing on it is better than the actual track. 

Maxwell Cavaseno: I’d give this kid a point for that one IG clip of Busta Rhymes bellowing “I GOT BAKING SODA” with neck veins bulging like elevator cables, but I’m in a downright venomous mood about this bullshit. O.T. Genasis didn’t make this music intially, so once again we have thrice removed (“Hate Being Sober” begat “We Dem Boyz” begat this bullshit) watering down by some brat who has an old hat benefactor who ensures his ascension to a major label with little ease when genuinely core-audience supported artists tend to fall to the wayside. The rapping isn’t mediocre, it’s just pointless, and this beat is proving that Young Chop’s melodic sense has been exhausted. But it’s memetic in a pandering way, so more and more major label rap appears to exist in a realm far separated from its pulse.

Thomas Inskeep: Generic trap about cocaine. Where the Clipse or Ghostface could rap about blow in the most nimble, surprising ways, O.T. Genasis just strings together one cliche after another (“baking soda, I got baking soda!”) and then repeats them. Talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothin.’

Anthony Easton: The bubbles on this, the ratcheting up of abstract sounds, the manic edge and instructions to doing crack that come out of the New Yankee Workshop if they made a guideline to illegal pleasures — it leaches out all the moral dread that surrounds the subject. 

Brad Shoup: Those crawly synth stabs make this as grim as Death in June. Maybe you’d think we’ve shaved as much fat of the crack/joke-slinging single as humanly possible. You’d have to be wrong, but whatever tops this is gonna have to bust out a gaudier way to say “baking soda”.

Megan Harrington: This sounds like Young Thug trying to do Wiz Khalifa, or, in other words, nothing anyone wants to hear. 

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5 Responses to “O.T. Genasis – CoCo”

  1. When this shit drop in the club Maxwell just heads off to a corner and folds his arms.

  2. Kirk, my arms are waiting to fold around you, but this tension is holding us back.

  3. wat

  4. i can’t believe you assumed that there’s ever a point when maxwell is both a) in the club and b) *not* standing in a corner with his arms folded

  5. I walk into the club like…

    “Fuck all life.”