Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Rick Ross ft. K. Michelle – If They Knew

You’ll never guess who we prefer of the two…


W.B. Swygart: “For the last time/I’m not a bad guy/I just like what I like, now shorty, act right”- nob off, Richard.

Alfred Soto: I’ll always have time for K. Michelle, and so does Ross, therefore I don’t blame his coaxing her to project sensitivity on yet another of his Maybach crie de coeur. “For the last time I’m not a bad guy,” he huffs, and, no, it won’t be the last.

John Seroff: I can only muster limited enthusiasm about utilizing the superior K. Michelle on a throwaway hook, but the match of her dense and enunciated delivery matches well with RAWSE’s breathless sibilance on affluence. Neither of them seem entirely suited for Timbo’s somewhat out-of-character burbling seapunk-lite.  Best case scenario, “Knew” serves as an aperitif for a future collabo more on K’s terms.

Micha Cavaseno: I think the real killer for me is that I thought this half-assed Timbaland production was one of Hudson Mohawke’s examples of how ketamine has ravaged his creativity. Rozay’s barely interested in his own song, but at least we have K. Michelle.

Will Adams: It was a wise move to prominently feature K. Michelle. Between Timbaland’s unusually ordinary beat and Rick Ross’ laissez-faire flow, “If They Know” scrambles to find its anchor.

Crystal Leww: I’ve never quite connected to K. Michelle despite recognizing her talent. She’s been phenomenally talented at sounding contemporary lyrically, but her voice sounds a little more classic, more like the Braxton sisters than Ciara. This disconnect could work incredibly well, but for me, the beat selection has been pretty cold, bordering on dreary. A rap duet is a great idea, letting her inhabit her unbridled crazy (positive connotation of “crazy” only) while updating her sound to be more contemporary. Unfortunately, she’s teamed up here with cold, wet sock producer Timbaland and genuinely maybe the worst big name rapper Rick Ross. I hate Rick Ross.

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