Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Romeo Santos ft. Marc Anthony – Yo Tambien

This feud can only be settled with a sunglasses-off…


Brad Shoup: In the video, Santos caresses a pic of his target. It’s ostensibly a crimey short film, but the director was onto something: two dudes wielding #actuallys, way too concerned with the other’s technique. The band’s going for standard import, but Anthony and Santos are planning a much funnier caper.

Alfred Soto: I predicted this collaboration a few minutes ago. Why not? Santos’s buoyant tenor, a match for the horn section, was made for supplicatin’, and when Marc Anthony’s frayed pipes experiment with the lower end it’s a wonder they didn’t spot each other across the dance floor earlier and disappear into a bathroom. “WOW” indeed.

Jonathan Bogart: A duet ostensibly about two men competing for the same woman, but the alleged woman at the center of the lyric is entirely absent: Marc and Romeo spend the entire song preening for and performing at each other, not her. The result is a giddy rush of competitive hypercompetence, as each tries to outsing, outemote, and outseduce the other. Both men have been at the top of their respective games for years, and if the scales tip towards Marc it may only be because he claims the home turf of punchy salsa, in which Romeo’s pretty falsetto threatens to get lost.

Will Adams: The sporadic electronic flourishes are odd, but they don’t take away to a large extent the vocal face-off between Santos and Anthony.

Micha Cavaseno: This passes the “Would this feasibly have been on a Fania All-Stars comp my Grandfather would’ve danced to in the office?” test.

Katherine St Asaph: A twirl of timbres: vocal, horns. I can’t imagine someone listening to this without wanting to hear more of one singer or the other (me, it’s Marc), but otherwise it’s an uncommonly complementary effect for what could have been the most obvious feature spot imaginable.

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One Response to “Romeo Santos ft. Marc Anthony – Yo Tambien”

  1. slay fourth(?) single from the shoddiest [non-madge/nicki] singles campaign in recent history. *imagines drake in place of marc for “odio” visual that never was*