Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Remi Nicole – Standing Tears Apart

Friend of Amy Winehouse gets unhappy…


Briony Edwards: It sounds like early No Doubt meets a less irritating version of Lily Allen – but somehow, it works. Whether it’s the simple, uplifting 60s-style guitars, or the pretty harmonies of the chorus, something about this song grabs the attention in a refreshing way other young female singers of a similar vein fail to master.

Martin Kavka: All of the appeal of this song lies in the meaty and nicely arpeggiated guitar line, which makes it actually retro instead of just retro-sounding. That’s quite substantial, but over and above that, there’s not much to justify keeping the track around. The lyric is a bit strange, too. Is Nicole really looking forward to the big crying jag with the boyfriend, in which hurtful things may get said, but each person in the couple at least gets to express him/herself? Do people really think of tears as opportunities for growth?

Mallory O’Donnell: Sure, it’s a bit heavy of an era tribute and they could have cut a sound effect or two, but “Standing Tears Apart” has charm and an effortless feel that has scarcely seen light this year. This succeeds largely due to the wit and restraint of both singer and producer, especially in an era that seems ready to rival the 90’s for steady over-piling this kind of pop song with nonsense and shenanigans.

Dave Moore: Lilting reggae by stilted indie songstress, the combo of which suggests Jason Mraz and Kate Nash spawning Rosemary’s baby to sing halfhearted doo-wops with the Pipettes. In comically over-sized sunglasses. I don’t think I could possibly be less enthusiastic — but it’s not outright offensive, and damn it that counts for something these days!

Michaelangelo Matos: Despite Nicole cheekily going topless at dinner in the video, this LDN ska-pop shite is getting cold on the table.

Hillary Brown: I hope this makes some of the more ungrateful among you appreciate Lily Allen more. See how much less well it can be done?

John Seroff: Remi’s sullen disaffectedness makes waste of a perfectly good girl group strum und twang soundalike. If this had an ounce of the passion and urgency that Amy Winehouse bleeds all over Back to Black, “Standing” could soar. Instead it’s as limp, restrained and leaden as last-call karaoke. Bummer, man.

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