Friday, March 13th, 2015

Young Fathers – Rain or Shine

Ahoy, youth-oriented newsmagazine background jam!


Maxwell Cavaseno: Young Fathers have been particular faves of mine since they unleashed “Deadline”, possibly the most rusty shrapnel of brotherhood and male fragility exploding that made the noise-bro reddit-users of Death Grips seem like the stupid dick joke it always was. Resembling Fun Boy Three if they’d never had a Specials phase, the Scotland-based trio wander through self-serious tense raps and wailing voices calling out to people on another plane of existence. Their evolution is inspiring, and keeps me waiting for more and more. It’s a shame then that “Rain or Shine” doesn’t do anything for me. It sounds like a Test Icicles song or something, too obsessed with the indie pedal-step rather than the shambling careens they’d drop in and out of before this. I’d be wrong to write off Young Fathers just because they put out a single I didn’t like for an album with a title that has me cautious. But I fear that their firecracker spirit has fizzled out.

Iain Mew: Before noises chase the vocals around like so many looming shadows, the demented organ poses a question: What if Metronomy hung around the seaside for another couple of decades of closing arcades and decay? Maybe they’d start to sound this paranoid and overcast?

Alfred Soto: These Mercury Prize winners mumble “I ain’t strange enough” over baseball park organ and enough compressed effects to suggest a late nineties Talvin Singh or Fatboy Slim remix. As aural experience it doesn’t stop, but I can’t figure out if there’s any other kind.

Brad Shoup: Genius has had this for a month and no one’s taken a crack at it. I guess the takeaways are more sonic, as in all that squished-to-a-cube garage psychedelia. There’s something here, but you’d have to steam it out of the bridge.

Dan MacRae: Youth-oriented newsmagazine background jam ahoy! I wasn’t expecting any sort of burst or kablammo to emerge from “Rain or Shine” but the brand of clutter being offered by Young Fathers here is kinda bland. I feel like I’m supposed to dig my hands into this thing, but it hasn’t earned that sort of investment. Enjoy your idea fort, dudes.

Ashley Ellerson: This sounds like one of those lonely dance jams for when you’re in denial about your oddities but keep talking to yourself about how you’re fine anyway; you’re not as strange as you thought. I’d say you have demons after all! Don’t fret — we all have them. Shimmy those demons away. Or maybe this is just a trippy, ambiguous tune for entertainment purposes only.

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