Friday, March 20th, 2015

Christine and the Queens – Christine

In which we try to understand this French singer-songwriter.


W.B. Swygart: Christine (not her real name) becomes her own kind of mech-warrior of pop, a constructed self she can use to navigate the outside world. She’s intense, and she’s self-possessed, and she’s a bit weird, and she makes this lovely butterfly synth noise as she ducks and dives through the atmosphere. She may also have a wee bit of difficulty seeing past the end of her own nose, but that just makes the sketch lines sharper.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Man, I heard Muse using that little synth trick four years ago, and I’m supposed to be impressed by sechoey Billie Jean drums?

Alfred Soto: I won’t listen to this again, but “Christine” is one of the more interesting R&B-influenced college rock productions. Amid the sonar synths Héloïse Letissier whispers recriminatory nothings — and then? She just wants to love you, baby.

Will Adams: A beautifully quiet mission statement from someone perfectly comfortable with their idiosyncrasies. Would that I were that confident.

Anthony Easton: How she sings “Ibiza” and how she talks through the rest has a kind of sated languor — somewhere in the same neighborhood as Jane Birkin. 

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2 Responses to “Christine and the Queens – Christine”

  1. missed out blurbing this because I fell asleep early most of this week, the score would likely be similar though

  2. i’ve been obsessed with this paradis remix for the past month or so: