Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Andy Grammer – Honey, I’m Good.

Wrong wrong wrong…


Alfred Soto: Nah, I’ll take a shot with Gary Allan instead.

Iain Mew: This is one of the more bizarre sounds in a while, approximating a country Scissor Sisters, but that weirdness has nothing on the fit of the lyrics. Omi‘s use of a decision not to cheat on his partner as a moment of bliss was odd, but treating the same as the basis for an entire song’s worth of hooting joy is inexplicable.

Edward Okulicz: The ingredients of this song are just revolting — boot-scooting and ultra-ultra-ultra light beats and surreally mixed vocals and an excruciating “hoo hoo whoo” hook. Determined to select a batch of bad ideas from the two genres it’s messing up and do them as badly as possible, Andy Grammer sounds like he hates both country music and dancing. I’m too scared to find out if there’s a video for this because I bet he has such a smug grin while he sings it, in love with how clever the “I could have another but I probably shouldn’t” line could refer to both a drink and a woman. Not a single redeeming second to be heard here; might be worth a [1] if it turns out to be parody.

Katherine St Asaph: So effective an argument against monogamy it should be retitled Rednex at Dawn.

Madeleine Lee: Oh my God, Cotton Eyed Joe, as if anyone is going to stick around after the first “nah” for your whole explanation besides the other half of your smug couple.

Thomas Inskeep: Line-dance bro-country meets Maroon 5, which inevitably means this will become unavoidably huge in the U.S. for the next year. And which also means this is the least subtle thing you’ve ever heard and also pretty terrible. Unless you like Maroon 5-esque choruses and Adult Top 40 singer-songwriters and a foot-stomping time. Which I do not, ever.

Megan Harrington: Do guys get hit on so rarely that they genuinely believe this level of protest is necessary? And if they do, then how come they tune out as soon as you say “Oh, sorry, I have a boyfriend!” in your highest pitched voice? (That’s if you’re lucky, the alternative is that he’s angry and entitled.) Honestly, dude, no one cares that you’ve got a girlfriend and there’s no reward for being faithful either. 

Brad Shoup: Pity that only the track is up for some easygoing pleasure. Hopefully the next Rednex homage will come a lot sooner and feature someone a lot less smarmy.

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12 Responses to “Andy Grammer – Honey, I’m Good.”

  1. Rednex at Dawn! Perfect, I am in awe.

  2. Fun fact: the average and controversy scores are identical! I doubt that’s ever happened before.

    Also praise to Brad, whose score kept this from tying “Accidental Racist” and “Alone Again.”

  3. Thanks for that, Will, and the fun fact as well. I can’t believe I’ve missing blurbing so many tunes, and I just barely got this sliver in. The important takeaway is that I love Rednex, and I wish everyone loved Rednex.

  4. But check out Andy’s cheeks!

  5. [jumps into time machine programmed for last month, bursts through your living room wall]


  6. I’m glad I found this review, because I thought that I ) was the only one who thought that this song was completely awful. At least Cotton Eye Joe wasn’t really meant as a serious song… at least I hope not… all the serious comments on the web about how this is such a touching song are revolting.

  7. Oh gosh, Ben, your comment just reminded me of the video for this song, which has single-handedly convinced me to commit to celibacy for the rest of my life:

    I am very glad to hear that our writing resonated with you, though. Welcome to the site! :)

  8. heard this song in the wild many, many times, because it’s no. 9 somehow. it is as awful as ever

  9. This song made me wish I was deaf. Thankfully I just switched station.


  11. I fear I would drunk listen to this song so hard, all my primal awfulness boiling to the surface as I vomit up a chorus mixed with bad breath and an opinion no one asked for.

  12. from this moment on when you click on Crystal’s name it will hyperlink not to her tumblr but to this comment