Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

What So Not ft. George Maple – Gemini

Not pictured: George Maple.


Thomas Inskeep: Woozy, lurching tech-house with a breathy female vox and assorted vocal samples poking out of the mix, all slightly on the “James Blake if poppier” tip. Feels more Ninja Tune than OWSLA to me, but what do I know? Good on Skrillex for having the good taste and smarts to sign ’em. 

Alfred Soto: Vocals manipulated to sound like trombones, vocals squelched to sound like echoes heard on a speeding train. Marvelous for a while.

David Sheffieck: For a few seconds it seemed like the beat might build around sampled raindrops, and it was genuinely exciting. The woozy synths that turn out to be the song’s foundation are a solid enough replacement, and Maple’s vocal is a breathy, unexpectedly strong focal point, but the hook’s an empty mess of jitter, like the song needed to build to something and the producers threw up their hands in frustration at the last moment.

Jonathan Bogart: I’m a sucker for cut-up downtempo, but even I think the piano lines are a bit too languorous and the whole thing could do with less sigh and more snarl.

Maxwell Cavaseno: I liked this record the first 100 times I heard it, so hearing the dance remix is pretty chill. But, also, it’s the 100 THOUSANDTH dance remix of this same song I’ve heard for years now.

Katherine St Asaph: There was a year or so when I was 17 where I’d listen to nothing but Mandalay and bands that sounded like Mandalay. Back then that was weird as hell, ten years from now it’ll probably be weird as hell again, so I’d best restock my library of wistful rainymood sulk now.

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