Monday, November 30th, 2009

TUNES RECOVERY PROJECT: Timberlee ft. Tosh – Heels

Clueless is still total quality, btw…


Martin Skidmore: The valley girl parody opening is both quite funny and rather dated, and from there it’s a girly dancehall rewrite of “I’m Too Sexy”. It has some punch and amusing novelty value, but I did feel like one listen was quite enough.

Melissa Bradshaw: A female dancehall Right Said Fred? Not a bad idea. Done by the killer frontwoman of “Bubble Like Soup”, it’s doubly bizarre — though she clearly always had a finely tuned sense of humour and a penchant for the trappings of celebrity.

Chuck Eddy: Speaking of valley girls, did you know that Moon-Unit Zappa is now married to the drummer and guitarist of Matchbox 20? Fer shure, fer shure.

Ian Mathers: On the one hand, I find this song the kind of intensely annoying novelty that makes one think fondly of comedy YouTube videos of years past. But on the other hand, listening to it over a few times, Timberlee is just so goddamn happy the whole time, and the song follows. It’s actually kind of infectious and while I doubt I’ll ever voluntarily listen to it again I have to respect its relentless cheer and how much fun they appear to be having.

Martin Kavka: A poor imitation of Liam Kyle Sullivan’s “Shoes.”

Anthony Miccio: That “Shoes” YouTube really beat these guys to the punch, didn’t it?

Kat Stevens: In the video, Timberlee’s Valley Girl persona is squawking about her footwear to a confused priest in the confessional booth. It feels like the priest and I are alone in sharing a sense of bemusement at this track’s appeal – although Timberlee’s performance is refreshingly daft, I find the oompah beat utterly obnoxious.

Jonathan Bradley: I don’t know: her unbridled enthusiasm slyly undercuts the elegance of the song’s subject matter? Whatever: her squealing is irritating and idiotic, and as much as I can relate to enthusing about excessively expensive fashion, I at least have some goddamn self-respect about it.

Frank Kogan: Jamaican dancehall gal dons Valley Girl garb, rides a tootling Benny Hill riddim, and serves us a banquet of squeaks and yammers. This is true world music.

Alex Macpherson: The Benny Hill riddim is daft enough, and Timberlee’s approach is to match its silliness — and then some. She and Tosh are like ventriloquists, their array of goofy accents keeping you on your toes — one minute they’re giddily vapid, the next no-nonsense fierce, different voices tumbling over each other from all directions while the beat parps merrily on. Tremendous fun.

Rodney J. Greene: The brief moments where this goes full dancehall engage me in positive manner, but the stretches in between are a wasteland of mall-rat blather and autotuned oompah. Please get me out of here.

3 Responses to “TUNES RECOVERY PROJECT: Timberlee ft. Tosh – Heels”

  1. Ha, I actually figured this would be so widely loved that defending it would just be redundant. Shows what I know. (But what the heck, Frank and Lex did a good job anyway.) (And I’m not the one who nominated it, btw.)

  2. The only reason I didn’t give this an 8 is because I was late on others that needed my votes/comments more (in numbers terms). (That, and The Heatwave blog put the MP3 up in Sept. 2008.)

  3. Absolutely with Frank, Chuck, Lex on this one.