Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Chris Janson – Buy Me a Boat

T-Pain not included…


Iain Mew: Or “I Wanna Boat,” and it probably could do with more T-Pain. The more reflective it gets, the less it works, but the crude defiance of the title line only gets funnier and more pointed with repetition. Topping and tailing the chorus with it is a great move.

Alfred Soto: Electronic accents, slurred-sexy male voice, what else is new. He’s written songs for Tim McGraw. He won’t settle for just money — he likes money fine though — or a truck. Like Rita Ora, he deserves to purloin what styles he can from his clients; it don’t mean he’s synthesized compelling results.

Micha Cavaseno: Yo, I hope his boat is defective and he overpays and gets dunked into the ocean for this soggy ass record.

Katherine St Asaph: Not a song but a bumper sticker. Of course all and sundry can relate; they also relate to bumper stickers.

Anthony Easton: This is funnier than I thought it would be, and I do appreciate someone asking the questions about funding that undermine all of those truck songs. I’m also reminded of Roseanne’s line about the ruling classes’ worst nightmare — “white trash with money” — and thinking in a very slight way, this might be a bit political. I mean wishing for obscene wealth is the American dream, but with his twang, you kind of know that he won’t get anything, and the hope itself becomes the thing. Extra point for the writerly detail of Yeti 110. 

Brad Shoup: Did you know a Yeti Tundra 110 costs $500 at Bass Pro Shops? That’s online, too: there’s an extra $18 for “size, weight, or quantity ordered”. There’s $44.38 for tax, plus $19.95 for shipping — although you can take advantage of Bass Pro Shops’ free Ship to Store program. But if you have to have it tomorrow — say a wealthy relation with a super efficient probate lawyer kicks it — then bump that shipping up another $20. After all that, stocking up on some Coors Light starts to look like a sensible investment.

Thomas Inskeep: Aspirational country — “money can’t buy everything, well maybe so, but it can buy me a boat” — that everyone save the 1% can relate to. Janson’s got an appealingly twangy voice and “Buy Me A Boat” features some appealingly prominent guitar licks which, combined with its lyrics, make it pretty appealing, all told. 

Edward Okulicz: I’ll admit I giggled at the couplet that linked “kick the bucket” with “Warren Buffett,” and identified with the grubby aspirationalism. Janson’s deadpan drawl like he’s not even trying to make a punchline is plenty charming too. Alas even at 3 minutes this feels long and not especially replayable.

Ramzi Awn: The man has a point. Janson’s ode to money won’t go down in history, but it gets the job done, with a few laughs along the way. 

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  1. LMAO Katherine: “all and sundry can relate”