Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

MustardMayo ft. Iamsu!, Marc E Bassy & Symba – Got U

Next up, two great(…?) flavors…


Micha Cavaseno: The pairing of Nic & Dijon makes perfect sense. Mustard’s tastes always work best when leaning toward more irregular sounds and melodic-structures, though usually he requires pinch hitting by guys like Mike Free. Nic Nac, on the other hand, is so unnatural yet toweringly anthemic; he makes mini-“Archangel”s for kids who break into each other’s iPhones and who blow their paycheck on backwoods and “Girl Scout cookies”. Now, you’d think the ratchet Jack Ü would get some features with some life in ’em, but nope! Iamsu’s rapping over the past year or so has become downright pitiful, whereas newcomers Marc E and Symba sound like Tyga and Jeremih milkshakes left on a kitchen counter for four days and then mistakenly sipped. It’s a troubling start for a collaboration that should have so much force behind it.

Alfred Soto: We would not be reviewing this if Mustard’s name weren’t in the credits, and the other guests would not participate on a stronger backing track.

Iain Mew: It’s odd that DJ Mustard should put his name up front on a song where the production is so unremarkable, featureless rather than effectively minimal. Unfortunately, all the vocalists perform like they’re not the centre point either.

Brad Shoup: I’ll give Symba this: “You ain’t no side chick, more than a main girl/Wives get divorced, we in our own world” is this year’s “We’re not lovers/But more than friends”. It’s a post-“Trap Queen” world, and everyone’s trying to find their way in it. I was wrong on that one, and I knew it once Fetty’s shivery “yeeeeeah” started coming through my car speakers. No one here is willing to get that loose here: their heads are in the clouds.

Ramzi Awn: If “that’s my bitch” is the best you can do to express your love, you’ve got problems. 

Thomas Inskeep: I feel like I can hear Nic Nac in here, because there’s more musicality than you typically get from a Mustard track. The singing is pleasant, the raps are nothing, and five minutes later I’ve basically forgotten it. 

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4 Responses to “MustardMayo ft. Iamsu!, Marc E Bassy & Symba – Got U”

  1. Damn, I was hoping for the new Jessie J/Mustard song that could have been trashed even harder :(

  2. Is MustardMayo more like Mayostard or Mustardayonnaise?

  3. either way, < Bechamelle Mel

  4. James I listened to that Jessie J and good lord…. it’s exactly what I would expect from a a Pop Tart filled with Mustard