Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Nyusha – Gde Ty, Tam Ya

Diminishing returns…


Jessica Doyle: SHINee and Crayon Pop had a baby! And then the baby failed to heed its parents’ good advice about the importance of a strong chorus.

Thomas Inskeep: Pneumatic, emphatic Russian dance-pop with some delightfully traditional touches and a strong vocal. 

Iain Mew: This has a lot in common with Nyusha’s previous futuristically snapping electropop tracks. It’s just that it relates to them like a big-budget sequel that does a lot of the same things right but spends so much time showing off its exciting new location that you don’t get as much chance to properly appreciate them.

Maxwell Cavaseno: All the Arabian Nights-style drama and extra slink promised in those tablas, just to be treated to clunky electro based around a hook made of nasal groans.

Scott Mildenhall: So many sounds, pattern-forming fragments and flashes that catch the ear as the rhythm pulls the song inexorably through. They all fit together on the outside, a pastel-coloured spectacle from the window of a car passing at pace. It’s all over the shop, but always heading firmly in the right direction.

Katherine St Asaph: Relentlessly functional dance-pop that sounds simultaneously like 2003 and 2011 — faux-Middle Eastern strings, Missile Command sounds, processed-to-puree vocals, “Tonight I’m Fucking You” beat. These are good things.

Brad Shoup: Chuck Eddy be merciful: after this and “Jungle Boogie,” what other pop songs start with gongs? I know what else has the “Toxic” strings — “Toxic,” duh — but this gives the image of trotting in place, dancing in a fashion among the bone-dry synth slats. That’s a lot, and it’s all the track offers, opting to hover in a kind of static fade-out. But it’s enough.

Alfred Soto: A swirling, stuttering wonder of a track, almost cybernetic in its interlocking of whoa-whoas and beats. I wish Rihanna sounded like this.

Rebecca A. Gowns: Perfectly acceptable club banger. Or kitchen bop, or living room jam. The point is, I’ve had this on repeat for days. It’s not unique but it sounds damn good. Press play again, and you’ll find that not much else matters.

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2 Responses to “Nyusha – Gde Ty, Tam Ya”

  1. It should be “Gde” (where) rather than “De”. “Gde” is the Russian, “De” is Ukrainian iirc.

  2. Oops. I’ve changed it now; thank you! I did think there was another character there.