Monday, July 27th, 2015

Easton Corbin – Baby Be My Love Song

But can she personify the way Selena Gomez loves you?


Maxwell Cavaseno: Did you really just ask her to be your “Hell Yeah!”? Of all the things to personify… I just hope you don’t personify how corny this song is, nor how generic the arrangement is for this mid-tempo “charmer” of a track, with all those Auto-Tuned harmonizing drones swooping in.

Edward Okulicz: Wikipedia tells me that Easton Corbin is a few months younger than me, so the only explanation for this song is that it went to record and radio with a guide vocal from some 50-year-old. I mean, when he says the song’s subject is “so damn hot,” I feel like I’ve walked in to my parents’ living room to find my dad watching pay-per-view porn. He calls for a sing-a-long while sounding like he’s heard it 1000 times before, so that’s something I can immediately relate to.

Thomas Inskeep: It’s a charmingly delivered series of clichés — I particularly like the way Corbin sings “and you’re so damn hot” in his endearing twang. But it’s still a series of poorly-composed clichés like “baby be my all-night-long.” And WTF is “be the buzz in my Dixie cup” supposed to mean? Talk about clumsy wording. 

Iain Mew: I adore the scene-setting, the closing time “so here we are” that sounds already weary in a good way, the drawling guitar turning everything into slow motion as the night winds down and he enters the hyper-awareness that comes with this being the perfect chance to set up something magical, almost feeling it already, the stars twinkling. Then he sings “you’re so damn hot” and it’s like a needle scratch. The rest is well done if obvious, but the song never totally recovers.

David Sheffieck: I like the bouncy, spiky guitar work here, but “It don’t have to make sense/ And it don’t have to rhyme” doesn’t actually excuse a line that lands with as much of a thud as “But the stars are still out and you’re so damn hot.” Nor the warmed-over rehash of the hook’s metaphors: I swear I’ve heard that Dixie cup line five times already this year.

Alfred Soto: Corbin sings with the confidence of a performer who thinks he’s got the cleverest song of the year, but no matter how tight his jeans and puckered his lips he can’t get those solos to sting or those lines to shine.

Ramzi Awn: Another addition to the list of songs that could have been on the surprisingly random Notting Hill soundtrack. Perfectly good, pop country. I’d sing along.

Brad Shoup: He’s so in thrall to the track, that Dobie Gray-style country-soul, with a two-note guitar figure clearing the brush. Shame she’s in the same thrall, subject to his tapioca declarations (“you know I really love to watch you dance”) and his inadvertent — I guess? — entendres (“as long as it’s you/babe, I’m all in”). What a waste.

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  1. Forgot to blurb this but I think I like it a lot more than everyone else. This is a [6] at worst.