Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Ivan Dorn – Teleport

Well, it can’t be easy following that last entry now, can it?


Iain Mew: The vocal sounds like someone muttering to themselves, which is perfect because the whole track is unapproachable and sealed. It’s the sound of shutting out the world and not giving a fuck, which I guess is cool but makes it difficult to care about much in return.

Alfred Soto: It sticks to its house groove, and until I looked at the Ukranian singer’s picture I mistook this track for a MNEK effort.

Thomas Inskeep: Now, this is how you make a proto-’90s house track: “Teleport” is like the deepest, 4am-iest MK remix of a Masters at Work track in ’95. And there’s a rap break from a guy — is it Dorn? I don’t think so — who sounds like a Russian Turbo B! This doesn’t sound remotely contemporary, but I don’t care; house this deep gets me off every time.

Micha Cavaseno: About the only interesting part was the sliding pitchshift on the vocal snippet, but then it turned into that terrible screwed rap and the deep house keys came back in and we were left with nothing again.

Scott Mildenhall: Gently throbbing, continually pulsing and with enough carefully directed twists and turns on the way through to marry head nodding with brain-lodging. Dorn’s nonchalance is equally enchanting, a feather-light presence on a flexible production where every element’s the star, and never with too audible an effort. It is, in that sense, a bit like The 2 Bears inverted — an improvement.  

Will Adams: The stock-standard deep house is all right enough, but the half-hearted vocals really sink this for me.

Brad Shoup: Daydream deep-house at first. Then he begins the monologue: loud shadows taking big gulps of the word “outside.” It’s remarkable frivolity, but a lot of garbage piles hide a couple gems.

Katherine St Asaph: A track that comes with its own coating of dingy sweat. Perhaps the score would go up in that sort of environment.

Ramzi Awn: Clicks bug me. Dorn’s attempt at 2001 eclectro isn’t misplaced, but he should have hired a chick to do the vocals.  

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