Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Lula – H̄̀āng mị̀ kịl

And finally some tasteful Thai cocktail disco to cleanse your palate…


Thomas Inskeep: Synthy pop that’s the definition of breezy: light, summery, perfectly accented with a high-hat, and overall lovely. 

Maxwell Cavaseno: Sounding like the wispiest Carpenters song that never was, the slightness of the disco-rock groove keeps the song locked in a soft step of sentiment and sealed-shut eyelids as the listener gets to drift along in the least visible shift of one’s hips. Lula’s voice sounds like polite resignation, not of defeat, but of a desire to accept and press on while the brittle rubbery guitar riff counts the seconds off.

Iain Mew: I pegged this as one of those delightful wisps of song that passes by like a breeze in the current heat, refreshing but fleeting. Then I got the chorus stuck in my head all evening.

Will Adams: Lula’s thin voice is supported wonderfully; between the surf bass and morphing electric piano, I feel like I’m on a beach enjoying some pineapple-based cocktail as a warm wind lifts from the sea.

Brad Shoup: There’s something Sixpence in Lula’s airy delivery and the easy glide of a weird band. The low-end sounds like it stepped in gum, and the midrange sounds like a mouth harp. But they’re still in service to an effervescent Lula.

Ramzi Awn: The high notes and hand claps are timed well, and the synths are pristine. It’s like The Cardigans went to grad school, and graduated top of their class.

Edward Okulicz: 70s soft rock disco! Carpenters doing Dr Hook or something. Actually, if Carpenters had ever covered “When You’re In Love With a Beautiful Woman” it might have been even better than this.

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One Response to “Lula – H̄̀āng mị̀ kịl”

  1. Aw hell, I didn’t get to add to the general admiration for this song. (I don’t know that I’d have nudged the score particularly dramatically, though.) I guess I can take comfort in being the person who pointed it out?

    If you haven’t watched the video, you should; I found it really affecting in a number of different ways.