Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

GOT7 – Just Right

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Madeleine Lee: “What Makes You Beautiful” rewritten for a post-“What Makes You Beautiful” thinkpiece world — including the na-na-nas — where instead of reinforcing the subject’s objective beauty, the message is, “Relax, because I like you just the way you are” (“Instead of the mirror, just look into my eyes/Instead of the scale, just get on my back”). Some of its hooks are better than others, but that’s okay; GOT7 and JYP have already made one perfect summer pop song, and it seems fitting that this is a song where I don’t care about counting its flaws, because I like it just the way it is.

Iain Mew: It turns out that “Just the Way You Are” is way more enjoyable when injected in concentrated form into a completely different song.

Maxwell Cavaseno: The kids here go for 1D-style affirmation, but most of their lyrics read like sitcom boyfriend responses (“What do you love about me?””Uh, everything!”) and this fidgety attempt at rap production is less bouncy and more like the spontaneous combustion of a K’nex creature.

Frank Kogan: Dear GOT7: So you’re telling me not to change, that I’m just right the way I am. But one of the characteristics that makes me the way I am is that I don’t think I’m just right. So by your logic I’m right to think I’m not right and I’m wrong to think I’m not right. And you find it a turn-on, don’t you, that I don’t think I’m right. Because otherwise you wouldn’t have a song, and you wouldn’t be able to “help” me. [Walks off muttering, “codependent relationships” and “great bass part” and “fucker.”]

Mo Kim: The message is passable, even if Amy Schumer refuted it retroactively: I can still imagine the middle-school girls listening to their iPods on the walk to school finding strength in this. For the rest of us, there’s smooth surf guitar, deranged chipmunk hi-hats, and harmonies that swell through the composition like a sky of balloons.

Brad Shoup: They pull so many faces. It’s a shame so many of them are saying “I love you anyway”. The stuttering, the near-yodeling, the adult-alternative cliff-straddling: they’re all good looks. The refrain fills the stereo field; the voices are warm and low-stakes. A triumph of production if nothing else.

Thomas Inskeep: The weakest track off their Just Right EP does GOT7 no favors: parts of it sound like Jason Mraz being introduced to bass (strummy acoustic guitar, just say no; it rarely doesn’t sound like campfire singalongs), and others seem to intentionally spotlight their weakest rappers. The production’s a mess, too. That said, the EP’s good, just skip this.  

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7 Responses to “GOT7 – Just Right”

  1. Madeline, ““What Makes You Beautiful” rewritten for a post-“What Makes You Beautiful” thinkpiece world” is one of the more beautiful phrases I’ve read in some time. Nicely done.


  3. aww, thanks, Thomas!

  4. I have to say, there is nothing more profound than a bunch of young boys being really eager to please a girl while wearing GOLF WANG.

  5. It’s self-branding, the guy wearing the Golf shirt is Jackson WANG.

  6. And if you do a google image search you’ll see that like half his clothes have his name on them…

  7. #LEVELS