Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ne-Yo – Higher Place

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Iain Mew: Higher place like… higher ideals? Higher plane? Looking down, basically? That’s where the song goes, calming but all too removed from worldly concerns, with Ne-Yo as the polite but blank host who can’t be doing with getting too involved.

Alfred Soto: Featureless and sanded down by festival play, this attempt at mass audience hysteria is as unimaginative as its keyboard vamp.

Thomas Inskeep: Oh, Ne-Yo. You used to make magical R&B records; now you guest on ultra-generic dance records by C-list DJ/producers (c’mon, high-caliber guys don’t have lame-ass names like “Dimitri Vegas”). This makes me sad.

David Sheffieck: Ne-Yo delivers a better vocal — at least, when he’s in his higher register — than the beat, a sleepy concoction of languid piano and weak percussion, deserves. There’s a good remix in here somewhere, if someone goes through the trouble of digging it out; the problem is that the song does its best to undercut even that level of interest.

Katherine St Asaph: A bit of biographical trivia from Wikipedia: “Dimitri is a keen comic reader, claiming he has been reading them since he was a young boy and still has a subscription. His favourite is Spiderman, according to Michael, ‘He thinks he is Spiderman.'” Far more interesting than the song, which gives Jamie xx’s last theme to Ne-Yo and a bored announcer. Point deducted because now I miss Dirty Vegas.

Edward Okulicz: It’s not a surprise that Ne-Yo can take a kinda mediocre, kinda melancholy dance-pop thing and elevate it. The surprise is that those involved didn’t give the whole song over to him to salvage.

Brad Shoup: I dunno… I just feel like they could’ve been less chill, y’know?

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