Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Gente De Zona ft. Marc Anthony – La Gozadera

Like a geography lesson you can dance to, but will we?


Will Adams: Hey, I know those countries! Neat!

Nina Lea Oishi: In which Marc Anthony and Gente de Zona make their bid for the 2016 Rio Olympics anthem by simply repetitively singing the names of Latin countries. It’s a mass commercial grab, but at least it’s not totally devoid of joy or pride.

Thomas Inskeep: The Cuban reggaeton duo serve a master class in Party Anthems 101 with “La Gozadera,” a shuffle-beating ode to loving life across Central and South America (and Miami too). Marc Anthony adds his honeyed voice to the horn-soaked party.

David Sheffieck: The wild interplay of the vocals is key here, though the clattering percussion carries plenty of weight: the result is a propulsive, frenetic, and winning racket of a song.

Brad Shoup: I liked “Bailando” OK at first, and it probably shouldn’t have surprised me how much I enjoyed hearing these #ClassicMan voices on the pop station. Marc’s voice completely meshes with those of his hosts; the song is little more than the crowd-participation part in the back half of a live set, but don’t they all sound so burly.

Jessica Doyle: There’s only about two minutes’ worth of song here, but delivered by an appealing variety of voices, and all with great good will. (Somebody please make Rain and his producers watch this video a couple hundred times.)

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